At a loss for words

After watching the games over the weekend it finally got to me. It put it's hands around my neck and started squeezing. After making me gasp for air, it proceeded to make my heart and stomach burn and ache. And finally it made my mind terribly, terribly anguished.

By "It" I mean the reasoning, which I have been ignoring all season long, that goes like this:

-The Cubs starting rotation consists of only Prior and Zambrano as Aces
-D. Lee would cool off
-Nomar will never play another full season, ever
-Patterson was all hype
-Wood should've been traded
-Our relief pitching was a bad as it was last year, even without Hawk man

i keep asking myself: Why did I ignore all this? Did I really think that three players, maybe four including walker, and two pitchers would be able to carry a team into the playoffs? And the answer is that I did believe....boy, did I god damn believe.

I think back to preseason. I remeber telling all my buddies, "Watch out for the Cubs bro, there the sleeper in the Central", or "I'm telling you man, if the Cubs just make it to the playoffs they'll take it, they're built for the playoffs". Or I'm sure everybody thought this,"The Astros lost Beltran and Kent, and the Cards lost Renteria, plus their pitching isn't that great so, I know the Cubs will take it, easy".

The worst part is that I was telling this to my buddies who are Yankees fans. Remember when the Yanks started so terrible at the beginning? I said, "Your team is done man, everybody is old. The dark ages are coming to New York". Now, I would die to have the Yankees record.

Boy, I don't even know what the hell I'm talking about. Just ranting and raving. Absolutely nuts, like a child in a candy store.

If only this Cubs season was as good as the one that I'm playing in EA's MVP baseball 2004. In that game Wood, Prior, Zambrano, and Juan Cruz all have ERA's under 2.00. There isn't a game where I don't get at least 10 K's. Todd Walker is hitting over .400. Sammy Sosa is on pace to hit over 100 homers, as is Alou and Lee. And in that game I just swept the Mets as a team rival. The Cards are barely at .500. Oh yeah, and my record is 27-1.

Something else that I wanted to say, or rather ask. What componets of this Cub team should stay and what componets should go by next season? Particularly I'm wondering about Burnitz, Nomar, Wood, Lawton, Walker. Ah hell, what does it matter?!

I don't know what the heck's going on, but I do know one thing ..................I want that crazy, absurd, absolutely lunatic idea that the Cubs will make the playoffs back in my silly little mind. Will it be this season? I doubt it. But I'll tell you one thing, I swear to god man, that the Cubs, with a couple of small moves will be the team to beat next year. I believe they'll be unstoppable next year. You'll see.

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