Phil Rogers Continues To Baffle.....

Just when I thought I couldn't lose more respect for Phil Rogers, I have--didn't know I had any left.

First, it was the fact that he stated the Cubs should trade Zambrano for Tejada -- which would make Hendry a genius -- but certainly not Prior -- which he said would be a huge mistake.  Huh?  Still trying to figure that one out.

Now it's this piece on Patterson today in The Tribune.  The very same Phil Rogers who was complaining all last year about the fact that Dusty Baker wouldn't play the young guys -- and how that was the downfall of the team -- is now saying that the Cubs ruined Patterson by bringing him up too soon; that they rushed him up.  He also points to Patterson's poor work ethic and immature attitude (which we are all too familiar with), but he points to Baker, Matthews and Kline as the culprits for not being able to turn him around........Huh?  What?  You know, I'm definitely one of those who believes Baker has his weaknesses as a manager, but, hell, if I had Corey Patterson, then I'd be hesitant about younger players myself.

Dear Phil,

What is responsible for the downfall of Corey Patterson?

A.) his poor work ethic, attitude and unwillingness to adapt to MLB?
B.) the Cub's organization?
C.) the coaching staff?

I don't get this guy, and I'm finally going to stop trying.  My feeling is that if an overly-talented "five-tool-player" like Patterson has it in his head that he's going to get by on his talent, then that's not going to change.  Just compare Patterson to David Eckstein, and there's your answer for why he hasn't succeeded.  Hey Phil.......somethings you just have to accept as unfortunate, and there's no way you can run around "indicting" people--if you're going to indict anyone, make Corey Patterson accountable, because he's the only one who had a chance to change his course......

I'm starting to think that Phil Rogers is more interested in shock effect and publicity splash than he is in a good story.  He is definitely writing with bias and alterior motives......

Another of Rogers' Puzzling Columns:,1,1354654.column?coll=c s-home-headlines&ctrack=1&cset=true

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