Jacque Jones on ESPN

The interview starts off with Jacque being asked how he deals with being on the trading block, he says "no different then the past"

Then the reporter says "it has also been reported that, you were the one who asked for a trade"

Once asked about this Jacque's face changes colors and he looks pretty embarrassed, Jacque responds with " ummmm?? I don't know about that? know what I mean?...but was rough for me last year in Chicago and I played through it...I signed up for three years. So know what I'm saying? um I gotta do what I gotta do and I gotta fulfill the last two years of my contract."

The reporter then asks him "You put up pretty good numbers...what made it rough for you"

Jacque responds: "Just you know... dealing with things there and getting some phone calls from some pretty bad people who got my number...I still don't know how that happened...some mail and stuff like that...but once I was on the field I did what I could do to help the team win..."

 The reporter than asks how much he has been talking to his agent during the winter meetingsJacque responds " not much...I have a brand new daughter and I'm enjoying her and that's all I can do"

 The reporter then asks him about the rumors to the giants, orioles and Rockies...and what is it about Chicago that makes it a good fit for you.... Jacque responds: " I just like to go out and play baseball man...regardless of the situations off the field or whatever..Um...I'm in my own world on the field and I love playing...and I'm most comfortable when I'm on the field playing.... so it really doesn't matter"

The reporter then asks how he would advertise himself to other teams
Jacque responds: "Umm... what u see is what you get...I've been pretty consistent my whole career... putting up pretty good numbers...but for a couple years my average was a little bit lower to than what I'm used too...but otherwise my power number were there. My RBIs and all that have been around the same since I've been in the league. So I'm durable and I feel like I can play every day and that's what it is"

The reporter then asks him " if you stay... then its you and Alfonzo Soriano in the corner outfield spots...watching his game from a far...what have you admired most about his game?"

Jacque responds: "He's a player who enjoys the game...he plays the game with a smile on his face...he gets along with everybody...he hits a lot of homeruns...he steals a lot of bases and I think he made a nice transition to the outfield last year

The reporter than asks, " what about now playing for Lou do u thing he will be a different kind of skipper than dusty baker"

Jacque responds:" pretty much all managers are the same...if they feel like there teams getting done wrong, there gonna go out there and fight for there guys...if they feel that their team isn't playing what there capable of...there gonna let their teams know...their gonna let their team have it...umm..They do it more on a one on one basis...and know else needs to really know except the managers and players"

The reporter than asks if he has talked to Lou pinella

Jacque says no..Not since last season

Then Jacque just talks about his time playing in Japan this fall.
He also said he was afraid of the sushi so he just ate KFC in Japan

Jacque is the asked what is his typical day when he is working out

Jacque responds that he wakes up at 7 and starts his work outs at 8 and then just practices at baseball fields

He is then asked how does he work out

Jacque then responds, "I try to mix it up"

The final question of the interview is " If it were up to you. Where would you be playing next season"?

He then responds:"Ummmmmm.... if it were up to me???...I've made a 3-year commitment. So if it were up to me I would honor the last two years in my contract"

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of SB Nation or Al Yellon, managing editor (unless it's a FanPost posted by Al). FanPost opinions are valued expressions of opinion by passionate and knowledgeable baseball fans.

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