BAD Rumor not true: "Dollar" Bill Wirtz not to buy Cubs...

At this point, what i'm about to write is pure rumor and speculation, so take it with a grain of salt. Additionally, if you heard the same Peter Gammons interview, please verify that it actually took place.

A poster at North Side Baseball just posted this nugget:

Peter Gammons was just on WEEI and the possible sale of the Flubs came up.

Gammons claims that the Wirtz Family is interested in buying the Cubs and Wrigley and wants to sell the Blackhawks and their 50% of the United Center to JR and the Bulls.

This rumor originated at this post on a White Sox board, so the grain of salt that needs to be taken with this should be large. (For the record, those jerks were celebrating the news... both because it would be good for the Blackhawks and because it would be bad for the Cubs.)

For those that don't know, Wirtz is probably the worst owner in the NHL, who has run a proud, historic franchise into the ground, turning it into arguably the most pathetic franchise in all of sports. If he were to buy the Cubs, it would spell doom in many ways for the fanbase.

I certainly hope if this is who the Tribune would sell the Cubs to that they don't sell the team at all. No matter how bad you think the tribune has been for the on-field product, they are vastly superior owners to Bill Wirtz. He has driven attendance down by alienating the fan base with a miserly AND inefficiently run organization, and then decided not to televise home games because that would keep fans from attending the games. Of course, this further alienated the fan base, which has driven this team further into the dark cave of irrelevance.

Can you imagine the Cubs - a team whose fan base has been built upon the ability for people to get home from work or school and see them on local airwaves - not airing home games if attendance drops? Eegads! Please don't sell the team to the Wirtz family. Please, please, please...

UPDATE: I believe that the interview took place on "The Big Show" last night on WEEI. The most recent Gammons interview posted on the WEEI website, uploaded today, has nothing about the Cubs in it at all, much less about a sale of the Cubs to the Wirtz family... Looks like the White Sox fan was full of it.

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