Tired of hearing about how bad Jacque Jones is.

Let's state our displeasures correctly.  I'm mad Jim Hendry didn't sign someone who could hit as many homeruns as Sammy Sosa without the steroiods question.

I looked at RF stats and posted some below and Jones fairs well against the other RFs in our Division.  His OPS is a underneath of others when you look at the raw numbers but his PA numbers are inline with most of the others.  His OBP is right inline with the others as well both raw and PA.  Any interest in someone elses stats let me know.

Please also note Jones' salary for this year is listed as 4.03mil so it appears it was back loaded ostensibly so if he's moved it will be on someone else to pay the larger portion.
Data is from Baseball Reference except 06 Salaries USA Today.

I guess my point here is this who else would you rather be playing RF now and what would we have had to give up to get them.  The only RF in our division that I would rather have are Kearns or Lane and they were homegrown.  We have to stop looking outside for answers or pay someone to be average in the meantime.  I looked at every RF for the NL (not stats or I would have posted them) listed for votes, as an All Star candidate and ZERO are Earth Shattering options.  We all want something that is precious and few and far between in the game today.  Sorry Jacques isn't it but he would be just fine as a 6th place hitter (or 7th) in a lineup with Derek Lee (4th) and ARam (5th) with Barrett 6th or 7th.  

I don't blame Hendry for this one as much as I blame US (including me) for wanting something that just isn't available right now.

Encarcion  PA  Outs     BA *lgBA   OBP *lgOBP SLG lgSLG  OPS *lgOPS   
9 Seasons    4190 3018   .268  .267| .316  .339| .440  .429| .757  .767

05 salary  4.4 Mil     06 salary  3.5 Mil

7 Seasons    3783 2671   .279  .272| .327  .340| .455  .436| .782  776|   

05 salary  5 Mil  06 salary  4.03 MIL

13 Seasons     6237 4220  .255  .271| .348  .343| .485  .434| .832 .778

05 salary  4.5 mil   06 salary  6.0 mil

8 Seasons      3180 1998  .287  .268| .393  .341| .514  .432| .907  773

05 salary  9.4 mil   06 salary  11.4 mil

4 Seasons      1467  979  .266  .271| .360  .344| .461  .434| .821  777

05 salary  930k    06 salary 1.85 mil

8 Seasons      3913 2648  .281  .269| .349  .341| .508  .433| .857  774

05 salary 7.33 mil   060 salary  7.83 mil

4 Seasons       824  570  .271  .267| .327  .338| .507  .427| .834  766

05 salary  345k        06 salary 450k

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