My nights in Purgatory, Heaven, and my day in the Twilight Zone

Much, much better than Thursday night.  I sat with fellow BCBer TheGhostofFredMerkle, his friend Aaron, and my father.  The Reds fans directly in front of us were GREAT. And get this - they said they would give us Felipe Lopez... for FREE!!  At first, we shook our heads and said that we wouldn't want him until he was at LEAST 35, maybe even early 40's.  Finally we conceded and came to the conclusion that maybe we could give him a fake Bob Evans senior discount ID, add a couple gray specks, take away Dusty's glasses, and maybe we could get away with playing him.  
But for free?!?  Being the ethical Cubs fans that we are, we told him that we had to give them something. How about Neifi(!) and Freddie, straight up??
I honestly don't understand why Hendry is on the phone so much making these deals.  It took us a total of 57 seconds, including a twenty second debate on whether they would take Dusty Baker in return for one of their bat boys.  Understandably, they refused.
My favorite part of the game was when Bobby Howry stepped up to bat - and ended up on base.  We all yelled "Dusty's a genius!!!" Almost as kick you in the butt as the fact that the shift worked FOUR TIMES on Friday night.
No wait, my FAVORITE part had to be Aramis' "double", caused by the wind catching Austin Kearns' mammoth ears and plopping him down onto the right field grass.  Afterwards, they had a bit of a "Stomping of the Divots" to clean up Kearns' mess.
But what seemed like heaven was turned into a state of limbo in the 9th when Dempster got a little nervous in front of his former teammates and decided to bestow me and my father with a wicked case of acid reflux.  TheGhostofFredMerkle and I tried out many different superstitious acts -- me being in my seat, me going away from my seat and watching it on the TV by the hotdog vendor, me being away from my seat and turning my back to the TV and rocking back  and forth, and finally -- the spirit fingers.  None worked, and apparently me burying my head in my dad's chest and nearly crying ended up doing the trick.

Barrett's grand slam.  Enough said.

The Twilight Zone
First of all, it needs to be mentioned that GABP did NOT order enough scorecards and had run out by Sunday's game.  Yes, Cincinnati, there are people who enjoy keeping score. They are called Cubs fans and dammit, we need our scorecards.  They should feel lucky we won, or Castellini would have been looking at the business end of a hissy fit.
At the end of this game, I was reduced to a limited vocabulary of "Who dat? Who der?"
Perez not only had a hit, but it actually left the park!!!  If that wasn't enough, Freddie came up to bat and made contact too!
Nevin's homerun and countless other "Who is this team and what have you done with my Cubs" moments made it a great game with which to end the series.
Marmo - whom I will from now on be referring to as Marmalade. Sounds trite, but if this kid was a lefty, he would have been in the show a while ago.  I was impressed by two things --

  1. His speed.  I was continuously impressed by his ability to go from mid to upper 70's to mid 90's consistently.  
  2. His composure.  When he slipped while attempting a routine DP, I saw something I would never expect from a rookie making his debut - he didn't panic.  Right then and there, I finally relaxed and started remembering to breathe again.  
Time will tell whether this kid can survive (more specifically, I'd give him one more game before they figure him out), but he was impressive and showed a lot of poise, despite his "small bunny looking into the face of a wolf" picture.  

And finally, I had two wished granted.

  1. I have always wondered what happens when the KissCam lands on a male and female who are brother and sister.  Well, it happened yesterday and apparently, you just shake your head vigorously and mouth the words, it's my sister.  Turns out, you get a big laugh.
  2. I said from the beginning, I don't care if we win or lose, I just want Dunn to fall down.  That's all I want! Well, I had to settle for him diving for a catch that wasn't ruled a catch.  But seeing that goon fall on his face whether on purpose or not, never seems to lose its luster.  Nor does this joke - Grrrr, Dunn fall down to make catch.  Then have to throw ball? Dunn no understand.  Dunn must go now.  Must go give more lessons to Kearns. Grrr, Griffey - you're next.

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