Let's Get Some Relief

We sat thru the torture of another Cubs pathetic showing on the field.  Also had to endure the added insults of classless striped beast fans from the Mowdown City--hard to believe these tasteless troglodytes ever manage to navigate out of the Northlands to Wrigley!

My relief recommendation is a proposed Bleed Cubbie Blue book club.  I'll start by recommending two fantasy books about the Cubs winning the World Series.  I finished reading the first book this winter while waiting for the Cubs management to inspire me during the Hot Stove League:

How I Helped the Cubs (Finally!) Win the World Series; by Harper Scott (I believe?).  

The writing was not stellar, but the premise was entertaining.  Set in the distant future, a scientist (Cubs Fan) teams up to use a time machine to kidnap two 1908 World Series Cubs players, transport them to the 25th or 26th Century, and...

insert them in the Cubs lineup.  Yes, very farfetched, but just as remote as the current team salvaging this season.

The other book, The Cubs and the Kabbalist-How a Kabbalah-Master Helped the Chicago Cubs Win Their First World Series Since 1908,

was just published this March.  I began reading this during Spring Training when hope still springs Eternal.  Now I have been rationing how much of this I read, in order to make this escape/fantasy last through the current installment of Cubs ineptness.

I highly recommend this second book.  Written by a Chicago-based Rabbi, and genuine Kabbalist, he interjects autobiographic events that make this story more real and plausible (certainly more fulfilling and entertaining) than the 2006 Cubs storyline.  Rabbi Sherwin weaves brief interludes with a more adult-oriented theme-so this is definitely not a book to read cover-to-cover to young Cubs fans.  

I truly expect the Tribune brass to stumble across this book, and in their ultimate sense of fan disrespect, try to gain movie rights to capitalize on yet another cash cow revenue stream; instead of trying to hire Rabbi Sherwin to genuinely exorcise the curses from the Cubs!

It would be fun to take a Bleed Cubbie Blue Book Club poll on these two fantasy books--voting on which occurs first-a Cubs World Series or a movie about the Cubs winning the World Series!  Probably a no brainer given the Trib brass' penchant for money over what really matters (at least to genuine Cubs fans)!  
OK, I should have phrased the poll: B. A NEW movie about the Cubs winning the World Series! However, it's gratifying to be reminded about the fantasy movies involving the Cubs. Just to followup on the Harper Scott book, here's a link: Ironic that Harper Scott also has his link included in his scheme to have Cubs fans help him buy the Cubs! And Al commented earlier that this was just a pipedream! Let's enjoy pipedreaming, 'cause it sure aint entertaining watching this team!

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