I just saw our AA West Tenn team play

And overall I wasn't very impressed.  I went to their game against the Tennessee Smokies (Knoxville).  Here are some thoughts about what I saw.

Bobbie Brownlie isn't very good.  He only touched 88 mphs on the gun, and I only saw that once.  He mostly stayed around 85-86 mph and was hitable.  Not a lot of movement either, although he did get hit near his left hand/wrist in his first at-bat.  I don't think that affected him too much though, he didn't look good from the start.  I can't see him in the majors anytime soon.

Eric Patterson looked good.  Good arm, pretty good defense.  He hit a nice double and he probably could have taken 3rd on the throw home but wisely held up.  The best part is, he didn't swing at everything thrown.  In fact I think the scouting report was to throw it up around his eyes as he saw what seemed like more than a few pitches up there, but he didn't swing and miss like his brother would.  Overall he was impressive.  

Nick Jackson and Brandon Sing look like airport team guys.  They look good on the field but didn't produce much.  They both took walks but otherwise swung and missed a lot.  Jackson looked better than Sing, he made a few descent plays in RF.

Brian Dopirak reminded me a lot of Dante Bichette, simillar body type.  I don't see him having a Bichette type career though, at best he looks like an Eric Hinske waiting to happen, without the one good season rookie of the year.  Maybe he's still getting his baseball legs back?  He didn't start the game but went in to play first after Miguel Negron fouled a ball off his leg and was taken out.  

Paul Schappert looked okay, think Will Ohman here, left hander out of the pen.  He looks like he could be a LOOGY in the big leagues, descent velocity and some late movement but probably wouldn't make it through the order twice without running in to problems.  Carmen Pignatiello looked okay too but at least in this game Schappert was a little more impressive.

Tony Richie just wasn't very good, slow bat, he was late on everything including 73 mph curveballs.  He had a few at-bats where he went deep into the count and he also took a walk but I just don't see him being able to hit enough to be anything more than a backup in the majors, and I don't think he'll ever get there.

Gary Cates is a little guy who reminded me of a Chone Figgins/David Eckstein high energy type guy.  Sort of a weak arm, he would probably be better off at second instead of short, but not while Patterson is on the team.  He hit a ball to the warning track and it looked like that's about as hard as he could hit it.  He takes a good hard swing but just doesn't have enough oomph.  If he makes it to the majors he looks like he'd be an Auggie Ojeda type player.

Overall, not too impressive.  They were no-hit for the first four innings and I was starting to wonder.  It was just one game though, I'd like to get to see them some more.  There were some scouts in the crowd, I don't know for who though.  Maybe something is in the works but I'd guess they were scouting the Diamondbacks players since their parent club is more likely to be in the market near the deadline.

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