WaNTeD: Prior Explanation

I was originally going to post this as a comment, but maybe more people can help me figure this out.

I have problems.  I sometimes believe what the Cubs say.  That's why I thought Prior was going to be OK at the beginning of the year, but he obviously still isn't.  That's why I thought Woody would be ready for this season if he pitched out of the bullpen last year, but he wasn't either.  This isn't about Wood though, it's about Mark William Prior.  I have lots of questions about him.

Several times, people have said Prior's injuries are mysterious or weird.  That sometimes leads to saying that he needs to shut up and pitch among other things.  Sometimes I feel like people think Prior pretends to be hurt, since his injuries aren't clear.  If they are mysterious it's probably because the Cubs never tell us everything.  They inform us.  They hire the medical staff to diagnose those mysterious injuries.  Sometimes they can't even diagnose them, so does that mean there is nothing to find or doctors/trainers just can't find them?

I like Prior, and you all know that.  But why would he overreact about/fake/(whatever you think he's doing)injuries? And why would the Cubs be so dumb to allow it for a long time and not fix him and make him pitch or just let him go?  He says he's hurt the Cubs know he's important, so they just shut him down.  Even if it's just to be careful I can understand that, but if it continues why would they not go deeper and fix Prior's problem(s)? He's supposed to be a building block for the team, the ace, and the Cubs HELP him get out of pitching?

It just doesn't make sense to me(sorry if this diary doesn't make sense to you).  I don't think he doesn't have the desire to pitch.  It drives me crazy when people question that.  That's my main question.  I already asked it, but I will again. Why do people think Prior doesn't want to pitch?  Maybe I missed/didn't pay attention to an article, a quote, an event that showed you that he isn't like Wood, a competitor that wants to be out there even though he's constantly injured.

If you can help it, don't insult Mark Prior(or me or anyone)in your explanation.  I'm serious.  I do need help with this, and with many other things too. College decisions. Ahh!

Anyway, I'm open-minded and ready to listen.

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