Between Henry Blanco and Ronny Cedeno. That's what I saw today on ESPN Deportes.

That would've been awkward to see, but it was actually Cedeno and the pitcher Blanco was catching.

I always watch TV and do my homework at the same time, and today I decided to watch some beisbol.  Felix Pie's team is in the finals like always, and I wanted to see Pie.  I'm not even sure he plays for the Tigres because I never see him, and he didn't play during the time I watched. Miguel Tejada played for the other team, and the game was almost over.  

I flip the channel to NFL network, which had the Bears game on from Sunday. I wanted some baseball though, so I flipped back to ESPN Deportes, and I saw a familiar image.  A man with black hair and a catcher's mask playing for a Venezuelan team? "OH MY GOD!! It's Blanco! Henry Blanco!"  My excitement for Mr. Blanco proved to my sister how much I miss baseball, but she got even more proof later. I went crazy when I saw the camera go to the left side of Miguel Cabrera on the infield.  "RONNY! I miss him!" Cubs baseball needs to start soon before I lose the rest of my brain.

On to the interesting part. The announcers said Ronny had a .724 slugging% for something.  Whatever it was, I think it means Ronny will do horrible in Spring Training. Ronny Cedeno then came up to bat, and of course, I expected a strike out. First pitch, ball one. Second pitch, ball two.  I thought he would swing his way out and ruin his chance.  Ball three. I was shocked. Geremi Gonzalez, IIRC(on the Brewers), sucks so that explains it. Ronny could still hit a weak ground ball like he did so many times in front of us.

He didn't.  

Gonzalez threw him a pitch thisclose to him, and I couldn't even tell if it touched Ronny.  If it did, it was just his jersey or something.  The ball blew by his hips, and Ronny turned around towards the pitcher and looked very angry. He said something to Gonzalez, and then the benches poured out onto the field. Gonzalez got extremely upset with Ronny and flew towards him with his leg up in the air ready to kick him.  He missed Ronny, but it was close. Ronny didn't do anything, but people held him back.  He was really mad. I don't think he ever acted like that here, and I personally think the pitch wasn't that bad.  The pitch was inside, but Ronny thought it was on purpose.  This happened during the second inning of the playoff game.

It took forever(actually about 10 minutes)to eject Ronny and Gonzalez.  Maybe it's just me, but I didn't think Ronny was a crazy Venezuelan that got ejected.  Maybe he's more defensive in his home country.

Hank White(who played against Ronny's team) didn't do anything in the fight that I remember.  He did show his cannon for an arm and almost picked off Randall Simon at first base. The throw was a laser and right on the money, but it was just late to get him out.

I also saw Bobby Abreu, and he was wearing a black sparkly shirt.  He was sitting very close to one of the dugouts.

Yay for Venezuelan baseball!

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