I make to vapor of ritual dances!

I was screwing around on livejournal recently and found this site.  According to the user info, this is from a Cub fan in Moscow.  Curious, as the only English in the entry is GO CUBS!, I put the rest of the page into Babelfish and this is what came out:

Today start pleyoff of American baseball leagues. One of the remained eight commands is Chicago Cubs (aka Chicago bear cubs), command to which for intelligible reasons 4 very even it is interested:) All there would be so not interestingly if not several very entertaining facts:

  1. the last time Cubs they won championship in 1908.
  2. the last time Cubs they left into the finale (world series) in 1945.
  3. several generations of fans were borne, lived interesting and long lives and they died, so without having seen, as their dear command he will become champion.
  4. Cubs - extraordinarily popular command in Chicago (but there there is and one more, more successful) and, in spite of potryasayushche disgusting results, practically on each game notice. Hence their nickname - lovable losers. 5. Cubs the only remained command in the league with its that not solved "proklyat'em". So-called "proklyat'e of goat". During the ya-oy game of the finale of 1945 Greek immigrant the bills Of sianis arrived to the stadium with his goat, to which honestly they purchased ticket. It even released to its the place, but after a certain time on the personal order of the owner of command it was advanced together with its goat from the stadium, since goat frankly stank. Bills it offended and cursed entire organization, after saying that more they will see not one finale. Cubs they lost that game, then entire finale and since then in the finale they did not appear.
On the whole it is understandable that output itself into pleyoff already sufficiently rare event for this command, so that I press fists, I make to vapor of ritual dances with the tambourine around the totem and I shout: GO CUBS!!!

P.S. Sorri, all this is absurd delirium for whom:) What you will take, America nevertheless...

I, too, look forward to dancing with the tambourine around the totem when the Cubs get that final out!


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