Funny ha ha story from today's AFL game.

 First off, this story doesn't deserve a diary of it's own, but I didn't know where else to put it. It wouldn't fit in Al's "projection" thread, nor Josh's great prospect Diary. Anyway:

I just got back from PHoenix Municipal Stadium as the Phoenix Desert Dogs played the Surprise Rafters. Had nothing else to do during the day today and I wanted to see the Solar Sox play, but they had one of their rare night games today, so I caught a game in Phoenix.

 First off let me say, that the story of today's game was Twins Nick Blackburn who's had a rather non descript ML career as to this point, But I've seen some good pitchers out in the AFL and I have rarely seen a pitcher totally overmatch hitters, like Blackburn did today. He was throwing hard and had hitters out in front of his change all day. Ofcourse the key was he was ahead in the count all day and didn't walk anyone, while striking out 5.

 (this is not the funny part) I'm sitting behind the dugout, last row before the concourse and During the singing (taped rendition) of God Bless America, I noticed an older gentleman, walking up the stairs towards the concourse and didn't think anything of it. A couple minutes later, I see people scurrying towards the gates and see the older gentleman laying on the cement and in obvious trouble. Trainers from both teams rushed up and called 911. Long story short of the fallen gentleman was he was apparently overcome by heat exhaustion (drink your water when in az kids!!!) and was taken away by ambulance, but under his own power and apparently will be ok, as he was fed bottles of water.

 But as I was checking the developing situation with the stricken old man, I saw Kenny Williams, the White Sox Gm, walk right past and take  a hard right into the seats directly above the concourse and under the shade.

 So a couple innings go by and I move up onto the concourse and leaning up against the railing and enjoying the beautiful day and a nice game and starting to get ready to move down the 1st base line and get some sun on my left side of my body. Even tan is important don't you know. But since I know I will be walking past Kenny Williams I'm thinking of what obnoxious things I can say to him, as I am sporting my Cubbie hat (was thinking of saying I heard Dempster wanted to pitch for the White Sox) when all of a sudden a high pop up foul ball is heading in my direction. I had to run to the spot, which was about 20 feet from where I was standing (and about 15 feet from Williams)and made a rather nice barehanded catch on the fly wihile shading the sun, TYVM)on it, I might add. Got a nice little ovation for it. Anyway, (wake up here;s the funny part) as I'm making my walk towards the first base side, I walk past Williams and say "how 'bout signing me up Kenny and he laughed and said "I don't have a pen"!

 I thought that was cool and since it's slow around here, thought I'd share it.

 As far as the game was concerned, it was rather uneventful and ho hum, except for my catch!

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