Personal observations from Chase

Please realize that my mindset is flawed after flying down to Phoenix for the games. I alternate between extreme sadness and acceptance of things as they are. Hey, it is what it is.

I've met tons of quality Cub and Dback fans outside the ballpark. However last night was a horror story in the LF bleachers. Al, if that's the way the Cubs bleachers are, no thanks. I was embarrassed by a group 6 Cub fans who either swore every other word or were busy trying to provoke some Dback fan. It was a beer and bitching fest for them. While they don't represent even a small minority of fans, they're exactly what non Cub fans remember about us. By the way, they bailed in the 8th inning.

Excuse #1. We're trying too hard.
Nope. Can't happen. We're playing at the same intensity level we've played all year. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. All season we've been a terribly inconsistent team. We have flashes of brilliance and then periods of suckiness. Color us sucky right now.

Urban Legend #1.
You need veteran experience in the playoffs.
Nope. It makes no difference whether they're young or old. What does make a difference is their ability. It's a long season and it's foolish to expect a player who had a bad year to be golden in the playoffs because he's been there before.

Last night one of the Dbacks hit a medium deep fly ball down the LF line. It ended up being caught by someone in the first row. It was eminently catchable by Soriano. He didn't come close because he dogged it. Which gets me to my final point.

Pet Peeve #1.

I am so sick and tired of baseball players styling during the game. From the Sosa hop to the Soriano reverse walkaway, it's terrible. How many times have we seen a hitter assume it was going yard and instead having to bust it just to get to 2nd. As a fan, I don't need style points. I need victories. And if a player showing off causes the team to lose even 1 game because of his narcissism, then he has to stop the practice. Baseball is a team game. If you want personal goals, go into figure skating.

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