Minor League Free Agents!

For those of you desperate for anything resembling news in the dead of the offseason, never fear -- minor league free agency has begun! Baseball America helpfully names every one of these 602 sad sacks potential bargains!

Since some wet blanket is going to ask about who the Cubs could potentially lose -- the answer is Ryan O'Malley and nine guys you've never heard of. I suppose the news here is that Josh Kroeger is not on the list -- I actually plan on looking into this.

Ok, now that that's out of the way, time to go shopping!

The Orioles are at risk of losing 33 minor league free agents, and some of these guys are pure gold. Bo Hart? Jason Dubois? It's little wonder that the Orioles are the rump of the AL East, letting talent like that walk away!

The White Sox also losing 33 players to minor league free agency, including Josh Fields! I seriously did a spittake, but it turns out they have ANOTHER Josh Fields, a pitcher.

The Astros are letting 24 players walk, including Chan Ho Park. Ok, so he's Chan Ho Park. Are the Astros aware that they let Matt Freakin' Albers start 18 games for them last year? They gave three starts to Phillipe Paulino! And now they're losing Jason Jennings and his 6+ ERA to free agency. The Astros can't afford to let guys like Chan Ho Park just walk away like that.

If you're missing Adam Greenberg and his one major league plate appearance, well, the Royals are letting him get away.

And here's the news most likely to excite all of you -- through the foolishness of the Brewers, Jose Macias is once again available to the organization! Act quickly, before Wayne Krivsky succumbs to Dusty's requests and picks him up!

The Pirates, losing by far the most players at 37, are apparently confident enough in their catching tandem of Ronnie Paulino and Carlos Maldonaldo to dispense with Einar Diaz. This, I suspect they may come to regret.

And the Padres are letting Shawn Estes slip right back into our hands! Seriously, people, we could get Dubois, Macias AND Estes back! I suppose Hendry will be too busy supping on donuts to make these necessary additions to the ballclub, though.

The Giants are letting Lance Niekro walk, shockingly enough. Speaking of first basemen... I am positively certain there is an entertaining afternoon available spent using minor league equivelenceis and Baseball Cube to see how many of the first basemen on this list could outhit .284/.350/.419, that being the production the Yankees got out of their motley collection of first basemen this year. Seriously, if it wouldn't involve the end of my marriage I'd try it.

And, finally -- the list of pitchers so washed up that even the Cardinals no longer wanted anything to do with them:

Righthanders: Hugo Castellanos, Chris Russ, Julio Sanchez, Mike Smith
Lefthanders: Troy Cate, Chris Narveson, Mike Venafro


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