Real Trade Rumors! Boatloads!

P-Sully, Big Bruce Miles and G. Gordon Libbymeyer are stepping it up and providing us real, honest trade rumors! About the Cubs! That don't involve Pie and Patterson for Johann Santana!

First off, the Cubs don't feel like they missed out on Church, according to Piniella: "We had some passing interest in him last year. But we're trying to get a bigger bat. We're going to try to go get a good bat that can hit in the fourth or fifth hole."

Everyone mentions Fukudome, which suprises no one at this point.

Sullivan and Miles both rehash the same Prior rumors from yesterday; Sullivan says the Cubs could get "2 or 3" prospects from the Fathers. I know, I kow; but it's still mouthwatering even with a grain of salt. The Mariners may also be interested.

Two Orioles mentiond by Wittenmeyer: Brian Roberts and Nick Markakis. Roberts is a switch-hitter at the keystone with good numbers; he's got 2 years, $14 million left on his deal, and can name 4 teams in a limited no trade clause. He'll be 30 next season.

Markakis is a 24-year-old outfielder with only one year of service time. The kid has real star potential, and the O's will ask a pretty price for him.

We may also kick the tires on the M's Raul Ibanez. Good hitter, but he'll be 36 next season. One year, $5.5 left on his contract.

If the Loneheim Angles can get Miggy, then Chone Figgins becomes available. His value varies depending on how you figure his defense; his bat isn't questioned. One year, $4.75m left on his contract; he'll be 30. Please?

Sullivan says that the Delmon Young trade makes an acquisition of Carl Crawford even less likely.

One guy that's on the block that hasn't been connected with the Cubs: Xavier Nady. It's possible that the Pie-rats could even non-tender him, making him an outright free agent. Yikes. He's got three years of service time, puts up very nice numbers... so what if he's right handed. A lot of my best friends are right handed. Supposedly the Cubs were interested in him at the trading deadline, so maybe they'll kick the tires again.

Takes two to tango, so... what are the Cubs offering? Here's what we're (mostly) NOT offering:

  • Rich Hill
  • Carlos Marmol
  • Sean Gallagher
  • Tyler Colvin
  • I'm sure there are exceptions to that, however. Specifically mentioned as trading chips: Sean Marshall, Eric Patterson, Donald Veal and Sean Galalgher. Yes, I know that I just said Gallagher was untouchable; P-Sully and Bruce Miles seem to have conflicting information.

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