Trades I wanted for Christmas

What I wanted most this year was one more starting pitcher...

OK, it's after Christmas and the Cubs are still looking for:

*) Better hitting in the Middle infield
*) At least one more starting pitcher

I've posted my thoughts about the infield sitch before, readers digest version;

  1. Move Fonzie back to second (brutal glove, but LOVE the bat)
  2. Sign a cheap vet lefty FA to a one year to platoon with Murton in left  (Lofton, Luis Gonzales, Wilkerson).
  3. Between DeRosa, Theriot, and Fontenot, ONE should step up and have a good year at short.
About the pitching...  I'm not too impressed by the Lohses left on the Free agent market, so let's all dive into the land of Trades the Cubs will Never Make.  Ever.

Cubs trade RHP Kevin Hart,  RHP Wade Miller, C/OF Jake Fox, OF Matt Murton, IF/OF Eric Patterson
To Oakland for
RHP Joe Blanton REC 14-10 | ERA 3.95 | WHIP 1.22 | 140K/40BB

It may take another arm to get this done, but the A's would get three cheap young, right handed, OBP freaks.  The A's need depth at catcher and second, and have NO righty power in the OF.  Losing Patterson and Hart hurts, but it puts Marquis in the pen.

Blanton is, at worst, a #3-type innings eater.  At best, you have a 27 year old pitcher (any fantasy fans out there know what that means), with no injury history, a very low walk rate and two years left on his rookie contract, moving into the non-DH league.  We could have the next Aaron Harang.

2)  Cubs trade IF/OF Eric Patterson, LHP Sean Marshall, RHP Jason Marquis, RHP Angel Guzman, OF Matt Murton, RHP Carlos Marmol and 3 million dollars (For Marquis)
To Baltimore for
LHP Erik Bedard REC 13-5 | ERA 3.16 | WHIP 1.09 | 221 K/57 BB
and RHP Chad Bradford

Save me the wails for Marmol here.  He's a very good piece, but do we really expect him to keep those numbers up?  His line last year was inhuman.  Thus, his value will never be higher.  The O's are desperate for a closer, we still have Dempster, Wood and Howry.  Murton platoons with Luke Scott in Left, Patterson takes over for Roberts when he gets traded.  Bradford is adequate, but overpaid, we take the rest of the contract.  Marquis did his best work with Mazzone, I think the O's make this trade.

This does force Hart into the rotation, but is he really worse than Marquis?   And we have Bedard! A guy who put up Cy Young numbers in a hitter's park in the AL East!   Look at this rotation:


I'd say it takes second only to the D-Backs in the NL.  The only question, how we keep Bedard after Free Agency?

Screw it, pie in the sky here.

The Cubs trade LHP Rich Hill, RHP Jeff Samardzija, IF/OF Mark DeRosa, OF Felix Pie, IF Ronny Cedeno
To Minnesota for
 LHP Johan Santana REC 15-13 | ERA 3.33 | WHIP 1.07 | 235 K/ 52 BB
and IF Brendan Harris

The funny thing is, this might not be enough.  

Deep breath everyone, remember who we would be getting here.  The best pitcher on the PLANET.  For the Twins, this helps a lot.  DeRosa fills in at 3rd (or platoons with Lamb), Hill steps into the rotation with boof, Liriano, Slowey etc, Samardzija pays off in two years, Pie takes over for Torii Hunter.

We get Santana, and lose no irreplaceable parts of the offense. We sign Kenny Lofton for a year (check his stats,  he's still got something left.)  Fukudome, Pagan and Fuld to spell him.  Or we look into Mike Cameron.  

For all those who are saying "Pie and Hill?  What are you smoking?"  I ask you Cubs fans, Remember when the Cubs didn't go for Jim Thome 'cuz we had Hee Seop Choi?  Or how we didn't need a fifth starter 'cuz we had Angel Guzman?  Pie has done squat so far.  He may turn out to be Willie Mays, more likely, though, Corey Patt.  Let's go for the sure thing here.

Like I said, none of these trades will happen, but hey, I was bored.

If I were GM I'd go hard for Blanton (Cheapest, and he's a righty), sign one year deals with Lofton as a Pie insurance/fourth OF/pinch runner and Kevin Mench or Bobby Kielty as the new Murton.  Trade Marquis for a sack of Magic beans.

And if we're still desperate for IF help, I hear Neifi Perez is still available!

Thoughts?  Other trade ideas?  Please share with the class... Update: Wade Miller, No longer a Cub. Duh. Also, It was brought to my attention that Marquis never had any "best work." I regret the errors.

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