MORE Than A Baseball Diary

Stephen King once said that telling an alcoholic to control his drinking was like telling someone with explosive diarrhea to control his shitting.  

I imagine that this might be a good analogy for how some of you are feeling today (gravedigger.  Yes, that's right. I still love you - - sinner...)  To secdelahc's point, it IS the off season and the amount of Cubs-related news has slowed to a trickle.  To make matters worse, there isn't an off-topic rambling diary today that we can use as our collective toilet!

So to maintain the smell in here, I'll start things off with a little baseball and non-baseball chatter.

It's pretty damn cold here in Cincinnati and it's been snowing ALL DAY. I'm sure you guys know what I'm talking about, so here's a hot cup of Kool-Aid to give you that warm and fuzzy feeling about the Cubs.   It has no real news and it has a pretty positive attitude about Lilly, but with an intro like this, how can you go wrong?

Ron Santo is sitting in a golf cart shooting the bull, giving a pair of prosthetic legs a break from hauling around the biggest heart in baseball.
Awww. That's our #7 Cub of all time.  I do love me some Santo.

In college basketball, Florida just got their butts handed to them by unranked Vanderbilt, ending the #1 team's 17 game winning streak.  This finally gives Joakim Noah something to scream about, as he has remained so calm over his last two years as Florida's star player.

Incidentally, Noah also joins Yadier Molina on my list of male athletes I think are really girls.

Furthermore, I will say that 1) Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop Tarts are my favorite flavor, 2) I don't watch The Fairly Oddparents but I can list off some subliminal messaging in various Disney movies, and 3) of course I most certainly fear North Korea.  No one likes a dictator.

Don't be gun shy.  Have at it.

Update [2007-2-17 17:28:46 by Sarah Hope]: Britney Spears has gone bald. I don't know if she's planning on paying for her divorce with Gilette endorsements or maybe she thought the Lady Schick was another white-trash backup dancer and got a little too close. I just thought you guys should know.

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