A Birthday Announcement

No, it's not my birthday today, as you well know if you've been reading BCB since at least last November.

Today is BCB's second birthday -- the very first post here was on February 9, 2005.

In those two years, the Cubs have, well, gone from mediocre to awful, and we hope this year will return to at least respectability and perhaps contention. And BCB has become a large and vibrant community, for which I thank every single one of you.

Since its inception I've been the sole blogger and site administrator here. That's the way I've wanted it, and, as my SB Nation colleague Adam Morris put it on his Rangers site Lone Star Ball, I have done this for a lot of reasons, in Adam's words, "not the least of which being that I'm a selfish control-freak". (HEY! You're not supposed to be nodding in agreement!)

But, as Adam also says, I'm not at my computer 24/7 (even though it may seem that way to you at times), and also, the size of the site has prompted me to enlist some help.

With that in mind, I'm taking this opportunity to announce to all of you that I've asked cubbiejulie to officially come on board as contributing editor and assistant blogmistress. I have great admiration for her enthusiasm and passion for the Cubs and the quality of her writing. In her new capacity, she will:

  • Continue to post her Off-Base Diaries, subject only to her rules... which I know you will follow!
  • Coordinate all BCB projects and contests, like the upcoming fantasy leagues, and the BCB day in the bleachers (with my help) and I've also asked her to help me think of ideas for next year's offseason project. If you've got any, let her know!
  • Help out by updating gameday open threads if I've posted them and left for the ballpark and some big news breaks, and add the lineups when they're posted, and post the threads and recaps if, for any reason, I have to be away from the site (at this time I don't anticipate that happening, however).
  • Post other breaking news on the main page if I'm not around when it happens.
  • And, share some of her own Cub and baseball thoughts on the main page from time to time.

This is a big step for me, and I want you to know that this is still my site, and I'll be doing the vast majority of the blogging, but I'm thrilled to have cubbiejulie's help, so please join me in welcoming her. And don't piss her off, because she now has the power to ban you!

That said, I turn over the rest of this post to her.

I would like to thank the voting members of the BCB Academy for voting me Most Beautiful and Supreme Princess of BCB. I will certainly remember this honor for as long as I can. I look forward to receiving both your many accolades and your expensive gifts (Al will post a diary about where I am registered).

When Al first approached me about this, I had second thoughts about taking on additional responsibilities for no pay, as my bosses might not find you all as charming as they do paying clients (you all could fix that problem pretty easily, you know). However, the power to ban Al and unban Colossus was too much to pass up, so here I am. Don't worry, I will still be the same cubbiejulie -- I'll just have the power to toy with your BCB existences for my own amusement.

Fear me. (Okay, not really)

Wait, I take it back, go ahead and fear me.

Discuss, as has been often said here, amongst yourselves. Today's top 100 post will be up in a couple of hours.

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