Cubs 2007

The following is not based on Average, Earned run average, or on base percentice. In a nut shell no statistics involved here. As fans, as anyone who loves baseball, and it's stats, I offer the following. Stats are are a great way to judge players. But what seperates the best from the also rans is a gut feeling for the game. For instance.  The manager that calls upon the .220 hitter to pinch hit in a game winning situation. And that player comes through with a hit to win the game. Why would he call upon that lowly hitter in a clutch time of the game? This has been repeated time and time again in the history of this great game. I am referring to the feeling that comes from within one's self. A gut feeling.  I have been a surfer and a part time poster of this site for about 7 months. I get frustrated at the continued reliance on stats alone. Gee if this guy in AAA had a OPS of .888 he for sure will have a .798 in the bigs. Come on. I use this ONLY as an example of the banter on this site. Numbers are thrown around as if they were, how shall I say this, as facts. I would not argue against the usage of stats for the better or worse. What I will argue for is the following. On a given day you can throw the numbers out the window. Therefore, for what it is worth, I offer my gut feelings on the Cubs this year.

Soriano-Mistake hitting leadoff.
Murton-Up and comer. Maybe not a break out year, but no later than 2008. Hopefully with the Cubs.
Lee-Nice ballplayer. Should have a solid year
Ramirez-Will benefit with Lee beside him all year.
Barrett-Not sold on him. Better than most at hitting for the position he plays. But give me a catcher that will stop the running game and I will take him over the hitting Barrett provides.
Jones-Not a very smart ballplayer. Not the RF you need for a championship team.
Izturis-Will susprise most. Fine glove and will hit well. Should be 2nd in lineup
Derosa-? Not sure of this signing. I am fearful he is a Jeff Blauser.
Theriot-I would have him as my 2b. Think very highly of his play.
Prior-Out of baseball with in two years
Wood-Starting by years end
Marquis-Will shut up all the naysayers as season goes on
Lilly-Breakout year
Zambrano-Not a fan, but will provide us fans with solid year.
Ward-Remember when we signed Harris? A former good pinch hitter, but did little with the Cubs.
Dempster-Will start and close as the saver
Hill-Like him very much. But will not have the year many of us hope for.
Floyd-Gut tells me he is on his final legs. Will not offer us much.
Pie-Will bust as Cubs player.
Cedeno. We all forget last year was his FIRST year. Do not give up on him!

I offer these comments only as my gut feeling of this years Cubs players. In the end the Cubs win the Central but will not make the series.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of SB Nation or Al Yellon, managing editor (unless it's a FanPost posted by Al). FanPost opinions are valued expressions of opinion by passionate and knowledgeable baseball fans.

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