Radio Delay on WGN

I don't know how many of you still take your radio to the ballgames when you go, but I do.  I have always found it helps to have the radio around to follow the game and to find out whats happening when I miss something or something is going on besides the action between the lines.  This year, WGN has instituted a new policy to leave the "profanity" 10 second delay on for the ballgames, so the action on the field does not match up with the radio play-by-play.  I have found this a bit disconcerning and wrote them to complain.   Below is their response.  I know I might be in the minority here (and most people will say "who cares") but to me, this is something that really bothers me.  Their response made me wonder.  For the people in other towns...Do their radio stations use the delay during games or do they leave it off so you can follow the game exactly with the game as it is played live?

Hi Kasey,

We're often asked why there is a delay when listening to Cubs broadcasts on
the radio.  Typically, these questions come from people who are either
listening to radio headsets while watching the game live at Wrigley Field or
watching the game on television with the TV volume turned down and the radio
turned up.  These listeners wonder why what they are seeing, either in
person or on TV, can't be matched up with the radio broadcast.

The answer is that WGN Radio is now using a standard profanity delay for any
live event, including all Cubs games.  Using a profanity delay is a standard
practice throughout the industry, and while we have not used the profanity
delay for Cubs game in the past, we have decided to institute the policy
this year.  Broadcasting without a profanity delay poses a considerable
liability risk for the station and growing concern over profanity in the
media in recent years has led to this decision.

While we understand that this is a frustrating decision for those listeners
that enjoy watching the game at the ballpark or on TV while listening to Pat
& Ron, this is a necessary decision based on standard industry practice and
growing legal concerns.

Thanks for listening to WGN Radio and for taking the time to share your


Jenny Eck
Promotions Coordinator
WGN Radio

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