Save your money and your blood pressure: boycott MLB.TV

Warning: you are about to read a rant.  A full-on rant.

I live in Dallas and do not have TV (not satellite, not regular, no TV).  The only way for me to "see" the Cubs is via the internet.  My beloved Cubs.  Those I have now followed for 37 years.  Despite this, I considered not renewing my MLB.TV subscription from last year because so many games were blacked out and the quality of the video was so bad that I did not think it was worth the expense and the annoyance of not being able to actually watch the games I was paying to watch.

Then I made a huge mistake.

Apparently realizing how badly their product sucked, the MLB.TV people engaged in a vigorous offseason marketing campaign, playing up all the improvements they were making to the MLB.TV system.  They touted being able to watch multiple games!  Faster streaming!  Better picture quality!  Their pitch was so skillfully executed that they convinced me to ante up $120 for MLB.TV Premium, which was supposed to have the highest speed video stream.

So far this year (including spring training):

(1) the video broadcast has started late several times, meaning that I have missed a batter or two or even the entire top of an inning while waiting to have access to the video broadcast (this happened mainly in spring training and seems to have improved in the regular season);

(2) during one game, I stared at a blue bar for several innings until the video broadcast finally righted itself, but only after I missed the majority of the game;

(3) the video broadcast freezes as often or more often than it did last year--multiple times per game and sometimes multiple times per inning;

(4) sometimes the entire left half of the video player is black, so you are out of luck with a left-handed batter and can't see the pitcher for any batter, as they angle the video from the right side of the pitcher;

(5) sometimes when you click to show the line score that is to the right of the video player, the entire screen goes black, causing you to have to "reboot"; and

(6) even though you are paying over $100 for this service, you are forced to watch a Right Guard commercial involving an attacking deer every single time you "reboot," a delay that is not only annoying with its repetitiveness, but which is perfectly timed to cause you to completely miss the replay of whatever happened on the field when your video froze.

Why rant now?  Because during today's game, I haven't seen A SINGLE SCORING PLAY due to the fact that the video has frozen every time the Cubs are about to score, and by the time I get it to work again, they have moved on to the next batter.  The only way I have kept up today is by listening to Pat and Ron rather than the video broadcasters (this is the only improvement I can find that MLB made this year--as last year you could not listen to the radio broadcast and watch video at the same time).

I would call their "customer service" line, but each time I have done that in the past, the wait time has ranged from 20 minutes to as long as 40 minutes . . . and that is simply wait time.  Once a human being comes on the line, they really have nothing to offer other than "I don't know why your video is doing that . . . sorry you are having trouble," or "yes, several people have called about that today, but we don't know why it is happening."

WHY DOES MLB TREAT THE FANS LIKE THIS???  This is even taking away from my joy at what Ron and Pat now tell me is a 7 run lead.

I am MAD.  Please, I beg of you, save yourself the pain, and save your money for a few months' worth of cable.  You won't regret it.

Rant concluded.  

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of SB Nation or Al Yellon, managing editor (unless it's a FanPost posted by Al). FanPost opinions are valued expressions of opinion by passionate and knowledgeable baseball fans.

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