Spring Kings in Bums Clothing?

We've all been fooled.

That's what I was left thinking today after the Cubs won their third series this year, second in a row against division competitors--complete with a do-or-die, rain 'em out, come from behind 5 run bottom of the fifth inning-- (to think it all began after a harmless Izturis bloop....hah).  

I kept thinking: How can this team be 12 and 14?  Well, besides the fact that we're 0 for 6 in 1 run games.  I mean this team is dominant.  How can we be 5 1/2 behind the Brewers? The Brewers? How can The Brewers have the best record in baseball right now?  Who called that?

See, what I'm thinking is this team is really a stellar team that's been posing as a bunch of losers.  That's why Lou hasn't flipped yet.  He knows that there have been alot of tough bounces and hard knocks and that this team will produce.  He's just been patiently waiting.  Lou? Patient?. Hell, we're outscoring all our opponents.  And outpitching them, most of the time.

Offense-great.  Lee-monstrous (the homers are coming).  Soriano - turning it on, big time. (please stop with the careless base running).  A - Ram-solid.  Theriot-exactly what we've always needed, and playing like a vet.  JJ-solid (.278 with men in scoring position, could be better).  Floyd-Dangerous (with the bat, that is).  Barret, Derosa - (will come on stronger).  Pie-Wild Card. Is a team batting average with men in scoring position of .282 that bad?  (I agree, it should definitely be better).  It doesn't have to be Yankees better, but better nonetheless.

Starting pitching--solid, could be dominant (Lily-A, Marquis-A, Hill-B+, Z-will pull it up from a C, you know it. Bull Pen - solid, (sans the ghost of Scott Eyre).  Defense - not bad (except Izturis).  Defensively, this is not Dusty's team.

In fact, that's what we need to remember, this is not Dusty's team.  This is not the Cubs of the last two (or 5, or 10, or 100 years).  This is Lou's team, and what question marks will exist this season (too many outfielders, short stop, pen, 5th starter), he will have to manage, and manage he will.  You'd have to think that Lou likes this team.  

I know I like this team, and I think that the last two series has told me so.  This could be a dominant team.   I just hope they have fun and not overthink it, b/c all the tools and pieces are there.  

We need a fifth starter.  
We need Eyre to come back from the dead.  
We need to let Lou manage the ss situation......(and tell him to keep Pie)

Then, we might finally see what this team really is--World Champions (at least potentially).

It's ok, we were just fooled for a second there (right?.....right guys?)

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