Hi everbody (in my doctor nick voice).

Before it get's too late into the NFL season I wanted to get everybody's prediction on who is going to win the super bowl and division winners also. I have successfully predicted the last two super bowl winners in the pre-season and it's always fun to go back and see peoples predictions when it's all said and done.

So here goes:

AFC East Winner: Patriots

Anybody would be a fool not to pick the Patriots here.....cheating or not. I hate the Pats and I get really tired of watching them win off screen passes and short slants. But seriously, the other teams in the division don't compare to how solid this team is both defensively and offensively. The Jets can have a sputtering offense at times and considering how lopsidded the games have been the last couple of times these teams have met, I wouldn't even call it a rivalry. Not much else to say in this division, but I do think the Dolphins made a terrible error in judgement two years ago when they chose Culpepper over Brees....what a waste of a good defense.

AFC North: Steelers

This is probably the most competitive division in all of the NFL. It's really hard to pick a flat out winner here, but, has everybody already forgotten who won it all two years ago? This is a team carrying alot of momentum from the end of last season, I was very impressed with the Steelers offense in the opening game, albeit they played the Browns. If  Roethlisberger can keep from getting injured, then I like their chances. I think the Ravens are too overrated because of their defense. During their first game you could see age on the team: both on the defensive side and at the quarterback position. McNair isn't the same Titans quarterback that Ravens fans wish he could be. As for the Bengals they are dangerous offensively, and their defense looked good week one, but I don't see that lasting all year long.

AFC South: Colts

Do I even have to explain this one? The Jags, the one team that you could have said had a slight chance to win the division over the last few years, has gotten considerably worse. And now that the Colts have won a super bowl, they have a swagger that they haven't had before. Unless Peyton gets injured this ones pretty much a lock.

AFC West: Chargers

There are few teams this year that I am as excited to see play as I am with the Chargers. LT is just rediculous. I mean the guy even throws touchdowns for godssake. With a combo of LT and Gates, you have two of the best players at their positions. Although, I would like to see the Chargers open up down field a bit more for Rivers. I wish their recievers were deeper in talent, but with a Stud running back and tight end, the recievers will get more opportunities. Actually, during the offseason I was actually thinking that the Chargers should try to pick up Randy Moss.

NFC East: Cowboys

Yes I hate to say it, but the Cowboys are the best team in this division. I am still skeptical about Romo leading this team all year. But with Owens, Witten, Barber and a solid defense, he has all the talent around him  to succeed. The Eagles, the team that should've been the leading team to win this division, downgraded offensive at the reciever positions and it's only a matter of time before McNabb gets hurt again.

NFC North: Da Bears

I'm not from Chicago and even though I LOVE the Cubs, in not a Bears fan. So I feel I have a more objective view on the Bears than most Cubs fans. So......I'm probably going to get flamed for this, but seriously, when is Lovie going to finally sit Grossman. There is only a small window of time here with this team and the defense before it get too late. I know, I know, he led the Bears to the Super Bowl in only his first full year at QB...I hear this argument all the time. But the truth is, is that Grossman didn't take this team to the Super Bowl, the defense and special teams did. Grossman just blew the superbowl. The talent of the defense alone will get this team into the playoffs, but I hope by then Griese is at the helm.

NFC South: Panthers

The Panthers are a team that I have thought would be great the last couple of years. But after their super bowl appearance they have been a major dissappointment the last two years. But I think with Delhomme fully healthy, this team will be poised to take back the division. My favorite defensive player Julius Peppers is just an animal and I expect the defense to pick it up from last year.
The reason I'm not picking the Saints is because I think they vastly over performed last year. McAllister reminds me of Jamal Lewis, only decent every third game or so. And Copper, Colston, and Henderson outperformed everybody expectations last year, even with a talented Brees at QB. I think the league will catch up to them this year. Even the defense overperformed last year. I like this team, but I don't think they'll beat out the Panthers.

NFC West: Seahawks

Another highly competitive division full of improving teams. As much as I hate choosing over my 49'ers, I just can't choose over the experience of the Seahawks. Although, the Seahawks are a team where the window of opportunity is closing fast. I think Alexander showed some signs of aging last season with the injury and so did Hasselback and so did the defense. Losing one of their better recievers in Jackson to the 49'ers was just terrible. And Branch isn't the Patriots Branch of a few years ago. Still they did make it to the second round of the playoffs last year with a pretty beat up team. This will definately be a fun division to watch.

Okay, So I've written alot. And now you want to see the magic. You want me to tell you who's gonna win it all. So without further ado:

Superbowl Matchup: Chargers vs Bears

And the winner is.....Chargers. I just can't pick against this team. Rivers has playoff experince under his belt now and they have the best running back in the game, LT. Merriman and Castillo are just beastly and they have LT. They should have beat the Pats last season and I think this team is on a mission. Even without Schottenhiemer this team has too much talent not to win. And they have LT.
Unfortunately for the Bears, their lack of offense will be their demise. I just can't see this team winning with Grossman or Greise. But they will have a better chance with Greise. I think there Defense can will them back to the superbowl, but the defense can't play the offense as well. And when you play a team with the same calibur defense, then it comes down to the offense. And they Bears don't stack up.

Well I guess that's it. Tell me what you guys think....

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