Wrigley Sale - Interesting Points

Barry Rozner - the best Chicago sports columnist IMHO - in his Herald column today wrote about the potential negative impact on the team and its fans by having Wrigley sold separately from the team.

His reasoning is (with the state owning the park) by a new team owner having now to pay rent, not get any naming rights revenue or revenue streams by altering the park, the opportunity for profit is limited; perhaps to the nine-figure range per season!

Thinking about what he wrote, I jumped on the impact to the fans, us, those who truly bleed cubbie blue. Without those additional revenue streams and now having to pay an eight-figure per-season rent will us fans see even higher ticket prices? Will the payroll suddenly stop growing or worse yet, drop?

I feel that Zell doesn't give a crap about the fans, its cut throat business. Sound like another owner in this town from several decades past? Don't know who that is, here's a hint: See my user ID.

What I was thinking earlier, mostly due to Rozner's writing a few months ago was how Selig can actually come in and do something that in the end, benefits us the fans.

Back in the 80's the commish (obviously not Bud) used his "best interest of baseball" clause and disallowed Tribune Co. from tearing down Wrigley.

Well Selig may have to use that clause again, this time not permitting the sale of the team without the ballpark as part of the package. The sale value is much higher with the park and it's what Selig would want, greater team value. It has a trickle down affect for the other clubs.

I agree with Barry. The state can't run their existing enterprises. Do we want to trust them with the old North side ball yard? I don't think so.

I fear this little deal with the state is simply a way to generate more revenue so they can get the awful transit crisis solved. Here's $50 million bucks CTA, will that help you? Hey, I have an idea, how 'bout the transit outfit learn how to run a business?

I want the Cubs to stay at Wrigley. I'd prefer limited changes to the park but know some change is inevitable. I also want to see the Cubs continue to grow their payroll and act like the big market club they are. I also feel it's fair that the new owner (please let it be Don Levin) be able to manage their own revenue streams and costs without uncontrollable circumstances. So here I am hoping Bud Selig does something good for the game again - like the wild card - assure the sale of the Cubs includes the old North side ball yard.

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