BCB Emotional Evolution - From Omega to Alpha

Didn't take long.  Within minutes of the last out of the Cubs 2008 season, the first fanpost came.  And in the days that followed, a deluge of emotional outpouring came forth.  Whenever I came into BCB, I always glanced to the fanpost list on the right side, just to see who was the latest to vent their spleen online.  After awhile, I noticed the tenor had changed a bit - though acceptance had started to set in, rage was still in vogue.  And of course, there was no shortage of thoughts on what to do for next year.  I found it interesting every now and then to just scroll through the fanpost titles, oldest to newest, and essentially get a read on the emotional state of BCB.  

Now that most of us appear to be on the road to recovery (though there are probably a few that haven't even begun to pack), I thought I'd share this with everyone.  Below I've consolidated all the fanpost titles in paragraph format, starting with the first one after Game 3 of the Dodgers series (Omega) and ending with the last one just before the first pitch of Game 1 of the World Series (Alpha).  As much as possible, I tried to keep the titles as is - capitalization, grammar, misspellings and all.  And just for reference and perspective, I included Al's main page posts (in bold), but left out the game threads - not much emotion there.  202 titles in total (I think).  Pull up a couch, a note pad, and a good cigar and let the pyscho-analyzing begin!



These weren’t the tears.  I Have Nothing To Say.  Rage and depression at once.  2009 Chicago cubs.  My Immediate Summation: What A Year!  Mark Derosa.  I have a suggestion...  Bad ending to a wonderful season.  The Short Series.  The umpires sucked.  Why, God, Why?  The home crowd, Piniella.  Al might not have anything to say...  I just sit here wondering...  We weren’t duped by the Cubs.  Should fans take some blame?  New Team?  New Stadium?  New Owner?  New Start?  The Cold Hard Truth. 

Still had great memories in 2008.  Harden.  Something off the playoff topic.  You can buy postseason entry, but no hearts...  Al - We need to hear from you.  This IS THE REASON why the CUBS LOST.  Clubhouse Cancer.  I was at the game tonight.  21 runs in 9 games.  bad taste in my mouth.  What now?  What are the missing pieces for 2009?  What has to happen next year.  Will people stop caring as much now?  What if?  FACE IT... DODGERS ARE BETTER THAN US.  I Know I’m going to hit a nerve but... Possible solution: trade with KC?  Numb.  A toast. 

Chicago-bound.. I’m going to strike an even bigger nerve.  Playing Tight and Bad Mojo.  This just in from ESPN3 online.  The real problem with moving Soriano.  Our stars are not really stars.  There are worse ways to lose.  Is Being A Cub Fan Worth The Price?  BLOW IT UP?!  Curiousity: How much did you spend on Cubs this year?  Elegy To The 2008 Cubs.  What about Lou?  Merits of the free agency market.  Congrats to Scott Eyre!  Learning to play for October in April.  Who to root for now?  Pathetic End... But Hope Remains. 

Do we really want to win?  Memorial...  Mistake Was Made the Last Reg. Season Game.  Do we re-sign Dempster?  A Long, Bitter, Unhealing Winter Ahead.  2008 mourning period is officially over for me.  Alfonso Soriano’s brutal post-season numbers.  1996 Chicago Bulls.  Woo Hoo! We’re number 1!  Cubs not built for short series.  thanks al.  Sullivans 10 steps to avoiding a three peat.  Cubs: I can’t quit you. Would you take an Antidote?  My two cents (Or Why I Can’t Give Up).  Curiosity...  OT: A Northwestern Call to Arms to Cubs Fans.  Nothing more to say...

It was fun!  Formation of the Cubs Fans In Recovery support group.  Two words: Curtis Granderson.  Time to throw away ‘IGH’ banners & burn ‘W’ flags.  2008 Regular Season Hitters Review.  Cubs to be players for C.C., Roberts.  Everyone else getting condolences?  Micah Hoffpauir.  Alfonso Soriano.  BCB Fantasy Baseball Champions.  This team was different than other current...  Inflation?  2008 Regular Season Pitchers Review.  Why did they stop hitting?

Anyone else notice the movie TNT preempted...  Where do the Cubs go from here?  Kenney expects payroll to “bump” up for 09.  Sometimes you just gotta laugh.  Our Hindsight Bias.  This was not a choke job.  Fukudome! or Fukudont?  Marmol in Car Accident - Minor Injuries.  My offseason thoughts/predictions.  Daily Show makes fun of cubs.  We should only offer arbitration to Kerry and Demps and here is why.  Cubs 2008 audio documentary - your voices wanted.  Fraud sets up Ebay auction of Cubs Loyalty.  D-Lee/DP. 

Who is your AL team?  Building A Cubs Champion: The AC Sign Must Go.  Playoff Ticket Refund.  I’m Over It (Already)!  Harden doesn’t need surgery, option excercised.  Contract Status Going Into 2009.  Cubs pick up Harden’s Option - No surgery needed.  Edgar Renteria.  Maybe its time to let Wrigley go gracefully?  Paul Sullivan tells fans to avoid all things Cubs - including BCB!  We can do this... Building toward Someday...  Building A Cubs Champion: Managing Management.  2008 Cubs Regular Season TEAM Review.  What fans can do to help the team win! 

2008 Chicago Cubs WGN Radio Montage?  My Thoughts.  OT - The Boys of Winter (Blackhawks).  Very Enjoyable Article.  Postseason Ticket Refund Information.  Griffey would have been the key ingredient.  08 Cubs on Etch-A-Sketch.  Sale of Cubs might be further delayed.  anyone else finding it really tough to watch the NLCS?  I don’t know how to feel about the Phillies win. 

What makes BCB stand out.  my 2009 wish list ???????  Another 2009 Post.  Building A Cubs Champion: Curses! Foiled Again!  Embrace the Curse - An Opposing View.  Bill Simmons: Manny Being Manipulated.  Rate the trade value of current Cubs.  bill murray’s take on the ’08 season, from Letterman.  Dear Cubs (A Breakup Letter).  If I Were Jim Hendry...  My Tentative Cubs Top 20 Prospect List.  Book Review: "This Bad Day In Yankees History".  Would things have been different if...... Back in the Saddle.  let’s.

Why did Billy Beane give us Harden?  OK, AC sign, curses, what’s next?  2008 Playoffs or Expecting The Worst Sucks.  Ryan Dempster.  Whoever did this Cubs 08 VDO trib should get an Academy Award.  Building A Cubs Champion: Wrigley Field.  can we just let it go for a moment.  What we’ve got & what we could get: Catcher.  New era for the Cubs?  Kevin Foster dies at 39.  Building A Cubs Champion: "The Chicago Cubs Are On The Air!"  Happy 100th Anniversary ;( 

Cub fans are stupid: The Daily Show.  Carlos Zambrano.  Nice/Sympathetic Bartman Article marking 5th year anniversary.  Would you extend Hendry - and for how long?  It’s been 10 days...  Cubs, Cardinals Among Jake Peavy’s Approved Trade Destinations.  2008 Postseason Interlude: Wake Me Up When October Ends.  What We’ve Got & What We Could Get: Corner Infield.  Something to depress us all...  Hardball Times - a dissection of the ’07 / ’08 postseason debacles.  

2003 Florida Marlins roster.  Playoff Ticket Refund- Round 2, ding ding.  For all those people who want Furcal...  Sale Of The Cubs... Into Extra Innings.  Trade Lee and sign Dunn.  Brenly on Brewers short list.  What We’ve Got & What We Could Get: Middle Infield.  Jim Hendry Extension Coming Soon?  A Boo For All Seasons; Why The Cubs Deserved It.  Another season.  Killing Two Birds With One Stone.  Kevin Foster 1969 - 2008.

Game 5 - ALCS What does it mean?  The Worst in a Cubs Uniform.  BCB Casual Friday.  Should the Cubs go after Jake Peavy?  Revise the Playoff System.  Hendry or Green.  Manny to replace Soriano?  The Sunday Funnies.  Cubs and Hendry reportedly agree to 3 year deal.  Will there be a second coming of Rich Hill?  Now That TNT/TBS No Longer Have Anything To Do With The MLB Postseason.  What We’ve Got & What We Could Get: Outfield.  Building A Cubs Champion: Introducing Your 2009 Chicago Cubs.  Hendry agrees to 4 year contract.  [Should we / how do we] acquire Jake Peavy?  

How would a Cubs and Rays WS have gone down?  Building A Cubs Champion: Introducing Your 2009 Chicago Cubs, Continued (And A Word About Tank McNamara)  Reading through the threads I think one of the Cubs main problems.  Look who is available and healthy!  Soto Sporting News Rookie of the Year.  Cubs and Yankees in talks for Cubs to play opener of new Yankee stadium.  MLB on Sirius?  World Series Funnies.  WWG&WWCG: Starters, with a pitch for a 6-Man Rotation.  Bruce Miles says on the radio...  Best Wrigley Memory.  “Winning” Ballplayers. 

So... I really tried.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of SB Nation or Al Yellon, managing editor (unless it's a FanPost posted by Al). FanPost opinions are valued expressions of opinion by passionate and knowledgeable baseball fans.

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