Freeing up Money!!!

So the Kerry Wood debacle was to save dough. It apparently will save the Cubs about 6 mill.  Since Kerry even on a 1-yr deal would have gotten 10 mill, while Gregg will get about 4 mil in arbitration.

Let Dempster go...If he wants more $ or years than 4 for 50 mil...which I thought was too much already...It'll only further lock up the Cubs options for future years as well as this years. 

Grab the 4 draft picks and run!!!  Cubs window to win is 2-3 years and it's time to rebuild the farm and draft some MLB ready arms.

The Cubs already have Zambrano, Lilly, Harden (please stay healthy), Hill, Marshall as options.  I hope Marquis is traded.

Trade Marquis and Neal Cotts or Michael Wuertz to the Mets for Ryan Church. 

Save maybe 5-6 mill if we don't have to kick in money


I would sign a starter or two looking for a 1 yr. deal to rebuild their value.  Those available...Penny, Randy Johnson, and Carl Pavano. 

Likely  1 yr. 7-8 mill will be enough for Penny or Johnson (problem is both are more flyball pitchers, but have been dominant in the past)

Would save at least 4-5 mill over Dempster and years. 

Otherwise go after Lowe if the above options are not appealing to add durability to Cubs rotation,  Ground balls work in Wrigley.  Plus he's prob looking for 3 years max. Offer 3 years and 45 mill.

Peavy is NOT coming to the Cubs...I highly doubt this deal will happen. 

Another deal that I would do (while not popular) is flip Derrek Lee to the Giants if he'd accet the deal.  Flip him straight up for Johnathan Sanchez (who can be a starter/swingman and our lefty in the bullpen)

If we can't find another right field about they throw in Randy Winn as a salary dump.  I think he can leadoff

So for Lee's 12 mill we take back 9 mill and save 3 mill.

Who can replace Lee though?  Hoffpauir how about inquiring the Nationals on Nick Johnson (who's always injured but lefty good OBP, pretty good when healthly, makes 6 mill) they have Willingham now.  Billy Butler...

Then a RF is needed, LH...The ones on the market look to expensive for the Cubs...and none look like smart bets for the money...Ibanez and Abreu age and defense...Dunn while he would smash onto Waveland, has no defense and is a DH in waiting...He'd only be passable at first if that...

So trade for Brian Giles if he's accept a trade.  A one year gamble...I know old but good D and has some pop and good OBP

Last problem would be to find a cheap Leadoff option...I don't see any. Any ideas? Furcal is good only when healthy and in his 3 yr deal with the Dodgers he was only really healthy for 1 yr.  He's prob looking for 3 or 4 for 15 mill.  Orlando Hudson is similar with prob worse offense

However, these deals all leave the payroll more flexible for next year...most are 1 yr. deals and won't lock up payroll



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