Arod to play for D.R. in World Baseball Classic?

Big Papi says its so



Boston Red Sox slugger David Ortiz told Yahoo! Sports on Thursday that Rodriguez plans to play for the Dominican Republic in the upcoming World Baseball Classic. Rodriguez played for the United States last time around, though the decision, as is de rigueur with A-Rod, came with all sorts of consternation.

Before the inaugural WBC in 2006, he first leaned toward playing for the Dominican. Then he wouldn’t dare choose between his native country (the United States) and his family’s homeland (the Dominican). Eventually, he bowed to the wishes of Major League Baseball, which needed his star power for the U.S. team.

Whatever the current motive of Rodriguez’s decision – to honor his family, to win the tournament or to rehabilitate an image tarnished like dull silver – it reeks of calculation, as do many of his actions


Though everything points toward this being another in a long line of A-Rod decisions made for the wrong reason. He was born in New York, lived in Santo Domingo for about four years and moved to Miami as an 8-year-old. Even though the WBC allows a player whose family comes from a country to play for it, that rule exists primarily so teams such as Italy aren’t filled with no-names.

Without A-Rod, the Dominican is loaded. That makes him look like even more of a carpetbagger.

Now, I dont have a problem with him wanting to represent his parents homeland.  In this instance, my problem is with the WBC.

If he previously represented one country, the US, why should he be allowed to represent a second country in the same tournament?  This really is a dent in the validity of this tournament, which I loved the first time around.  I am not sure how it works in the Olympics, but in the world of FIFA, once you play for the senior national team for one nation, you cannot play for another.

Like the article says, this makes Arod look like a carpet bagger. You were born in NY, Alex, deal with it and play for the U.S.  We have just as good a chance to win as any other nation. 



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