Open Thread: Cubs vs. Rockies, Thursday 3/20, 3:05 CT

SCOTTSDALE, Arizona -- Here's why headlines can be misleading (and why headline writers ought to read the story first!). Take a look at the front page of (This may change during the day, but this was the way it read at 9:45 CT.)

A side headline reads: "Wood's back spasms reopen closer battle". Right below it, the intro text to the linked article reads:

Kerry Wood's back spasms shouldn't affect his front-runner status in the three-way race for the closer's spot.

So which is it? Is he in, or is there a battle? Next, it goes on to say that Lou won't choose till after he sees Kerry go in back-to-back games, so it might not be decided till Monday.

In any case, I think we should stop worrying. Back spasms can happen to anyone (have you ever had them? I have. Pretty damn painful, but they DO go away with treatment, and Wood has professional trainers helping him.), and Kerry may be back on the mound in a day or two.

Other notes:
  • Not content to let Greg Couch pronounce Cubs camp a "circus" from 1500 miles away, Mike Downey weighs in with similar idiocy. Maybe he's just upset that the Tribune won't spring for a trip for him out of the rotten Chicago winter to the great weather here.
  • Curious. Yesterday, rumor had it that the White Sox had waived Juan Uribe to give him his unconditional release. Not so, apparently:

    As of Wednesday evening, they hadn't notified Uribe or agent Martin Arburua whether they had put Uribe on waivers, and they have him scheduled to start at second base this afternoon against the Dodgers in Phoenix and Saturday against the Cubs in Mesa.

    That doesn't mean they haven't put Uribe on waivers, but considering there are at least four types of waiver moves, the idea that the Sox have parted ways outright with the infielder seemed to be a big jump to conclusion.

    Not exactly Cub-related, but thought it might be of interest here, given that we often discuss procedural moves and how and why they are made. Rumor has it down here that the White Sox may be setting up a trade.
  • The rotation? It may be set as soon as tomorrow. Or not:
    [Lou] Piniella isn't likely to announce the winners of both spots unless a trade of one of the candidates -- most likely [Jason] Marquis -- is imminent.
  • Ronny Cedeno may be the hot hitter right now, but Alex Cintron still has the inside track at the backup IF slot, despite his hamstring problem. That link also says that Lou isn't worried about Kosuke Fukudome's slow start. (And neither should we be.)

There is no radio or TV coverage of today's game. (This time I'm sure.) Here is today's Mediacenter link anyway. Tomorrow's game in Tucson will be on ESPN2. Gameday

Discuss amongst yourselves.
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