What If?

Since Al was delayed this morning in posting a recap from last night, I was surfing around other SB Nation blogs and discovered a post on Pinstripe Alley about a website I never knew about before,

As "Yankee come lately" says,

I'm a late-comer, as it has been around since 1999.  It's a simulation league that allows you to draft a team of players from the 1880's to the 2007 season, and then play against other people's teams.  It's a lot of fun and addictive as hell.

They have an exhibition season of ten games that is free and a full 162 game season with more options for $12.  I've played about ten exhibition seasons, and they're great.

I decided to play around on the site, and created a fantasy team of mine using players from Al's BCB Top 100 Cubs, and came up with this:

1896 Bill Dahlen      1952 Hank Sauer
1905 Ed Reulbach 1963 Billy Williams
1906 Jack Pfiester 1964 Ron Santo
1907 Frank Chance 1968 Fergie Jenkins
1908 Joe Tinker 1969 Ernie Banks
1909 Mordecai Brown 1976 Rick Monday
1912 Johnny Evers 1984 Ryne Sandberg
1918 Hippo Vaughn 1988 Andre Dawson
1935 Billy Herman 1989 Rick Sutcliffe
1936 Gabby Hartnett 1992 Greg Maddux
1944 Phil Cavarretta 1992 Mark Grace
1945 Andy Pafko 1999 Sammy Sosa
1945 Stan Hack
Payroll: $189,118,149
---Position $105,832,055
---Pitchers $83,286,094
Batting Totals:
AVG .303 / HR 312 / RBI 1532 / FIELD B+ / RANGE A- /
Pitching Totals
W-L 143-78 / SV 8 / ERA 2.01 / WHIP .99 / K 1237 / BB 469

Trying out a simulation game, the BCB Cubs defeated the 1907 Cubs 5-3 at Wrigley Field.  Go BCB!

1907 Scoring Plays:
2- G.Hartnett is charged with a passed ball and all runners advance. J.Kling scores.
9- H.Sauer botches a routine flyball and J.Evers reaches on the error. J.Tinker scores.
9- J.Sheckard hits into a 4-6 fielder's choice. J.Slagle scores.
BCB Scoring Plays:
6- H.Sauer grounds a single to CF. B.Dahlen scores.
7- B.Dahlen hits into a 6-4 fielder's choice. R.Sandberg scores.
7- P.Cavarretta smokes a line drive single to LF. G.Hartnett scores.
8- R.Sandberg hits a flyball double to LF. R.Santo scores.
8- G.Hartnett hits a groundball single to RCF. R.Sandberg scores.

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