My trip to the Philly Amusement Park

And yes, I did mean amusement park in Philly.  It is a nice place where they play baseball between all the....well....umm crap that goes on.

From the Philly fanatic, to the hotgun dogs, to the Star Wars characters, to the loud--did I say LOUD music.

Im going to do my best to not put a negative tone on my trip but thats what it was--negative; despite the Cubs successful 4-2 road trip.

First the positives of the ballpark are the concourse and concessions.  They have an incredible BBQ section where the line forms around a man cooking delicious looking ribs good enough to bring Prince Fielder out of meat hiding.  There is more food than you could possible imagine although their sausages are weak compared to my favorite sausages at Wrigley.  The views are "OK" I sat in the left field bleachers and missed nearly anyplay that came within 15 feet of the warning track from centerfield to the left field foul pole (BTW, from where I was sitting Derosa homer wasnt even close.

Second, and sorry there are many, the negatives.  Besides the fact the Philly was the dirtiest city I have ever visited next to New York on garbage day which doesnt have alleys and the garbage is out on the sidewalk.  It was a sad train ride from the airport to the center of city--South Philly is scary looking, dirty and extremely run down.  The problems Chcago has had with balcony's could not compare to the old crappy wood these houses were build with.

The fans....The fans are passionate-to a fault.  It is an unnerving experience.  Saturday night was OK because the Phillies won and I was with my girlfriend who is too sweet to invoke any trouble.  I went to Sundays game myself (yeah I know Im a loser--but DIEHARD) and experienced something I never really had.  A lot A lot of racists/sexist slurs.  In my time sitting next to two drunk guys that kept declaring "I was lucky to sit by such subdoed fans" RIGHT!!!!  The guy sitting next to be disgusted me.  He yelled at Fukudome and I qoute "Strike this F'ing G _ _ K out" "Get him a couple rice paddies" He also used the explitives for african americans and hispanics.  The problem was this came without anybody really noticing.  Kids under the age of 10 yelling "Soriano Sucks" Despite what every Philly fan thinks Soriano does not suck.  I can honestly say I was disgusted to be do I say American/Human whatever I cant stand racism because is completly iggnorant and appaling.  Lastly---you think security is lax in Wrigley-thinkg again.  Not once did a security guard intervene at all.  I wasnt planning on posting all of this until one guy took the proverbial cake-----He yelled (without recourse or even a turned head in shock) "Soriano remember my face because I am going to "blank" your duaghter"  Needless to say I was disturbed and more disturbed by the laughter he recieved from it.

DISCLAIMER---I did enjoy my time at the two games although it was unfortunate I took a negative tone.  BTW-----I was told many times if I was at a Eagles/Flyers games I would have had "My a_ _ kicked"


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