A Cubs fan's live view of the Cubs 7-6 win in Denver.

Just to fill in for Al and all the others who post stuff about the live games they've attended, let me fill in for one game, tonight's game in Denver.

One thing is that the Rockies apparently still haven't figured out how to handle ticket sales (see, World Series ticket fiasco, October, '07).  We had to pick up our tickets at the "will call" window.  They have multiple windows broken down by alphabet.  Each line had about 60-70 people in line.  We got in line about 20 minutes before gametime, and didn't get into the stadium until the top of 2nd, just in time to see Soto hit his home run.  Get it together, Rockies!

I don't know how he looked on tv, but I thought Rich Hill looked pretty good.  A few Rockies really hit him hard, but that seemed to be confined to one inning only.  A very encouraging sign for us, since he usually doesn't pitch well here.

Soto was a monster tonight.  The one out he made was actually a frozen rope, but it was right at someone.

Tulowitzki's homer was a real Coors Field job, i.e., it just barely cleared the wall, and probably wouldn't have carried that far in thicker air.  I'd have been really bummed if the Cubs had lost because they really hit the ball better than the Rockies overall, and yet had to struggle to pull off the win.

I thought Lou's substitution of Pie as a pinch runner for DLee in the 9th was curious, because DLee is no slouch on the bases (remember the double steal earlier in the game with DLee and The Riot?), and it caused Pie to come up in the 10th, in a spot where I'd have love to see Lee hitting.

You have to love The Riot, getting the game winning hit.  And you also have to love Aram's homer to take a short-lived lead in the 9th.  You have to love Marmol's fire when he took the mound in the bottom of the 10th (did they show him slamming the rosin bag to the ground before he threw his first pitch - he looked pumped).  And finally, you have to love that, as with the two OT games in Pittsburgh, this was a game they'd have lost last year.

All of you guys probably know this just from watching the game.  For some stuff that you couldn't probably tell on TV, I'd say the crowd was probably about 50/50 Cubs/Rockies fans (at least from where I was sitting 10 rows up from the field a little ways down the left field line from 3rd).  I'd say we kept up our end of the bargain, as my voice is as sore as it's been from yelling at a game in years ("Let's go, Cubbies!)  I did tons of high fives with lots of hard-core Cubs fans at the end of the game.

I'll say this for the Cubs/Rockies series here in Denver.  I've been to a lot of the games and I've never had anyone give me a bad time for rooting for the Cubs.  Indeed, people have always been courteous and good fans.  I've gotten into some good discussions with Rockies fans during Cubs games, and we've had a good time rooting against each other.

As I was leaving, a woman with a frown on her face looked up at me (I'm 6'5") and said "congratulations."  The usher at the top of the stairway asked me, with a big smile, if I'm coming back tomorrow (do you think my Cubs jacket and hat gave me away?)  I told him I've got to work, and we patted each other on the back.  I doubt that stuff like that happens at a lot of ballparks.

Oh, me, my jacket and hat witnessed the Cubs' 10,000th win.  How cool.

Thanks to all of you for letting me share my fun with you.  I look forward to hearing from you guys as we root the Cubs on through the season.

Go Cubs!


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