4/2 Game reaction

So, I got to go to the game today, with a ticket I bought from Al.  It was my first game in the bleachers, and my initial reaction is.... BRRRR!

However, on to the game

I wish I could say that the game started out well and went downhill, but Ted Lilly gave up the first PITCH for a home-run, right over our heads.   He never really settled down, and his relief, Kevin Hart, was even worse.  Carmen Pignatello pitched ok (he hit Prince Fielder, but I'm certainly not going to hold that against him) and Wuertz was eh. 

While all the offense on Monday was from Fukudome, today it was more spread out.  Ryan Theriot went 2-4 (with a scrappy meter of 6.87) Pie got a hit, Soto and Lee both hit home runs (solo, unfortunately), and while Ramirez didn't get hits, I was fairly impressed with his plate discipline -- he walked at least once, if not twice.  Fukudome didn't do as well today, but we can't expect him to be Michael Jordan, and even if he was, baseball isn't basketball.  Give me five more LIKE him however, and I guarantee a Cubs World Series, although we might have to move the team to Tokyo for that.  :P

The disappointment, at least for me, was Soriano.  $136 million should mean that you come through when the team needs it, and with two men on in the 7th or 8th, he struck out.  He had some plate discipline -- he wasn't swinging wildly at every pitch -- but he really needs to start hitting the ball pretty soon.

But my big question is this:  why do you hire Jon Lieber to pitch, and then put him in the pen to be the long man if you're NOT GOING TO PITCH HIM when Ted Lilly flames out in the fourth?  He warmed up for at LEAST two innings... and then sat back down again.  Makes no sense to me.

I got the sense that Lou is managing VERY conservatively.  He's making the same kinds of decisions he did last year.  But I don't think we can expect to do that and not have the same kind of start we did last year.  We need to do better.  If we're lucky, tables in the clubhouse will be flying sooner than June.

I want to be an optimist about this, and it's only the second game of the season; I saw on the front page that Soriano's moving back to Leadoff; I'd put Fukudome right behind him, personally.  Maybe that can generate some more runs.  We need them, if the pitching -- especially the pen -- doesn't get better.

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