Peoria Chiefs @ Burlington Bees 4/4/08 (w/ pics)


Here's a quick report from Burlington, IA on last nights A game between the Peoria Chiefs and the Bees of Burlington.  You can see Josh77's brief description here as part of his great series of posts updating everyone on all of the Cub's minor leagues going-ons.


In the autograph line, all there is to do is drink sugary liquids, talk to the mascot and point.

I arrived early with a picture and sharpie and talked with the other autograph seekers near the main gate and was informed that Ryne did not come out for autographs prior to the game the day before (which was, of course, opening day for most minor league teams).  It was thought that the cold and thelight rain kept him in the clubhouse that day and that we might see an appearance today because it was still relatively warm and dry.


Hey, Ryno, can I get your autograph?  Please?  Mr. Sandberg?


We were mistaken.  After waiting an hour and a half, Ryno was a no-show, which was kind of a bummer.  The only other player in demand that afternoon was catcher Josh Donaldson who had a few fans in Burlington last night and provided a double that drove in 3 runs for the them later that evening with the Chiefs winning 7-3.



Josh Donaldson.  He struck out in this at-bat, but I'm still using it.

However, as Josh77 pointed out the real story of of the game was Dae-Eun Rhee's awesome debut, dominating throughout his 6 innings.  Dae-Eun looked sharp, popping the glove with his fastball and struck out five.  According to this site, Rhee has a fastball in the low 90's and it showed.  He exhibited good control through the first 5 innings but did seem to tire in inning 6, getting into some trouble with a runner on third, but was able to get out of it clean thanks to a great diving stop from second baseman Nathan Samson.





     I apologize for the general crappiness  of the pictures, but they were taken with a little easy-step type thing by a non-professional.

He picked a great time to put on a good start as it appeared his parents where in the stands just a few feet away from us.  The seemed really excited with his performance and happy the Chiefs got the win.

Unfortunately, it wouldn't be his, as he was matched by a solid outing by Bees pitcher Matt Mitchell, who allowed only 2 hits and struck out 4 without walking anyone.  However, his replacement Eduardo Paulino didn't fare nearly as well, giving up a line drive homer to Drew Rundle on his first pitch and breaking up the stalemate in the sixth inning.


Local character Dancin' Bob at his usual perch above the visitor dug-out.  He dances to all the at-bat music.  Think OWWNBN except quieter and nicer to be around.

Drew was the biggest surprise of the night, hitting the aforementioned solo home run and doubling home right fielder Cliff Anderson.  He would have had 3 RBIs had Dylan Johnston not been thrown out at home.  The Bees outfield also threw out Nathan Samson at home, after which point Ryno became very emphatic when giving the hold sign at third.  Rundle's success at the plate made it more puzzling when he squared to bunt in the ninth with Johnston at first and no one out.  It was all moot, however,  as Johnston got caught off first and was tagged out after a rundown.  Drew ended up getting hit by a pitch and later scored his third run of the game.


Cliff Anderson.  I think.

It got colder and colder as the night wore on and right hander Steve Vento gave up the only Bees home run to right fielder Wilson Tucker right away in the ninth.  Then after giving up 2 more hits (one of which could have been an error on short stop Marwin Gonzales) he got Alwin Perez to hit into a nifty double play to end the game.  And me and the few other die-hards went out into the chilly night happy.






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