A Week Traveling in Spain and Look What Happens

So after the horrible horrible act of not being able to know about Cubs baseball for a week, I make my way back to BCB, read about what's been going on and realize the Cubs aren't invincible?  :)  And the Cardinals have more then 20 wins?  Blasphemy.

This FP is mostly to help me get caught up and see what everyone has to say about my very uneducated thoughts on the past week.

First, and most importantly in my mind, is Aramis alright?  I feel as if our lineup, and its success, is contingent upon all the pieces being there, even more so with a guy like Aram in the middle.  It's just not the same having Dero in the 5 spot after having a manbeast like Fuku there.

Cardinals series, dang.  What surprises me the most is that we didn't shell Wellemeyer or however his name is spelled.  Always one of those guys with definitely better-than-average stuff but average at best in my mind as a pitcher.   As much as other people may be (or I could be wrong) I'm not really surprised the Cardinals are having success.  I certainly am surprised they have so many wins but I always thought they were capable of playing decent ball.  Not sure the pitching will hold up but I guess time will tell.

Bottom line, every team is most certainly going to have their down swings in a season.  Cubbies happen to be in one right now and hopefully it'll be turned around tonight in a nice matchup of Z-Harang. 

In terms of Lou having a tirade, I personally don't see it happening any time soon, at least not a calculated one like last year.  The whole Barrett era and whatnot.   Though again, I haven't seen the team play in a week.

One complaint I do have, I really really really (yes, 3 reallys) feel it's time for Alf to step up as a leader, walk into Lou's office and say, "Hola coach, I dink it time for me to move in lineup yeah?  The team better dis way."

That's all I got for the moment.  Stupid Cardinals.  Grrr

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