Replay Update

(Hopefully no one else has posted this already)

A more in depth look at how the replay system would work, according to a MLB memo obtained by espn.

It seems to work like the NHL replay system, in which disputed goals are reviewed in Toronto. So substitute goals for homers and New York City for Toronto,and there you go.

The one kicker, the replay is provided by Major League Baseball's Advanced Media offices in New York, but the decision to review is still at the umps discretion.

The nuts and bolts of it:

In the event a crew chief decides to use instant replay, the crew chief would use a dedicated communications link that will be available in each ball park to contact the replay official. The replay official will tell the crew chief what the replay official sees on the video replay or replays. The replay official will only report what he sees on the replay video or videos, and will not offer any advice or recommendation as to what the call should be. Based on all the information available to the crew chief (including what the crew saw in real time, and what the replay official sees on video), the crew chief will decide whether there is "clear and convincing evidence" that the original call by the crew is correct or incorrect. The original call would be reversed only if the crew chief felt there was a "clear error" on the original call.


The effect of any overturned call (for example, the placement of runners and the batter) would be governed by all current rules, any new rules specifically developed in connection with instant replay, and the crew chief's judgment.


There would be no limit on the number of times that a crew chief could use instant replay in a game, but MLB believes that instant replay would be used only about 10 times per season.


A crew chief's decision to use or not use instant replay on a particular call would be final, and not subject to second-guessing by team or league personnel. Team personnel would not have any right to demand instant replay.

So there it is. MLB says there is no time limit on reviews, and in their estimate, it would only be used about 10 times per season.  This all seems pretty unnecessary to me and a bit strange to implement  it so late in the season. 

I was under the impression the replay official was the one who made the decision on the call b/c they have an objective view point and the technology to do so, but in this system it appears they are just a facilitator, the umpires still retain full discretion.

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