Cubs MVP

Well, things have changed since the last time this issue was discussed on BCB, and this is something I always enjoy talking about.  Who has been the Cubs MVP thus far into the season?  Here's is my analysis: What do you think?

Alfonso Soriano - Very productive if you look at his numbers, but too streaky to be much of a help.  Although one of the Cubs "best" players, when you keep every aspect of the game in mind for this discussion, he is left out.

Ryan Theriot - I believe, as he was last year, The Riot to be an essential part of the Cubs late greatness.  When Soriano was struggling, he picked up the slack for the top of the order.  You have to love him for his hustle and respect for the game.

Derek Lee - He stood out much more earlier, but as of late, has hit a minor slide.  I still believe him to be one of the front runners for the Cubs MVP talk.  His numbers are there and he gives it his all.

Aramis Ramirez - His numbers are the best on the team, and he has played consistently all year (so far).  His .412 OBP lead all Cubs (min. of 30 AB's).  His 45 RBI's also lead the team and that is what I love most.

Kosuke Fukudome - In the beginning, he made it seem possible to hit .500 in the majors, but everyone knew it wouldn't last.  Now, he's becoming more and more of what I expected him to be.  As long as his AVG stays above .280 and he continues to field as well as he does, I'm happy.

Geovany Soto - My Cubs MVP pick.  A beast.  A tank.  Really, whatever you want to call him.  I love him.  His numbers are declining, but I'm sure they'll rise back up soon enough.  His numbers are good, but the reason he's my MVP is because of how greatly he has handled the pitching staff (only Michael Barret would be better).

Mark DeRosa - Nobody thought he would be able to hit near .300 again, but he's doing it.  He is one of my Cubs favorites, and I like him because he does the little things, and every so often, he'll do something big,too.

Reed Johnson - Started hot, but now he's not.  He'll always provide hustle and solid defense, so I'm happy.  Not my MVP, but surely another one of Hendry's successful moves this year.

Carlos Zambrano - I read many fantasy magazines, and majority of them advized the public to take Hill over Zambrano.  Yeah right.  Zambrano has pitched to win in almost every single one of his starts this year.

Ryan Dempster - Statistically, he's equal to, if not better than Big Z so far this year.  A huge addition to the rotation.  When he pitches, the Cubs are always in the game.

Carlos Marmol - The rally breaker.  He appears to be being over-pitched, but his numbers don't reflect it.  Let's hope it doesn't get to him in the long run.

Kerry Wood - On an absolute tear.  I was so glad to hear he'd be this year's closer.  I didn't believe Marmol was ready, and I won't have to find out because of Woody.  He blew a couple of SV's in the start, but now that he's settled in, he's unstoppable.

The best part about this is that there are so many people to take into consideration.

That's all I got.  I guess you could say Lou Piniella, but I would disagree.

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