Miller or Bud? The Cubs Fan's Dilemma

This may be semi-OT, but it's something I've thought about and discussed with some friends of mine for a while now (rather unsurprising since I'm a college student), and I wanted to gauge the beer-swilling Cub fan community's opinion as well:

As a Cubs fan, which beer do you prefer: Miller Lite or Budweiser/Bud Light? It's an interesting dilemma which I think goes beyond simply taste preference. Obviously, we'd all prefer Old Style for obvious reasons, but because these two beers are far more likely to be available at a big-chain restaurant than a regional brew like Old Style, It would be too much of a cop out to include the local favorite. After all, down here in Champaign Old Style is rather hard to come by (although I recently saw a local liquor store selling it in bottles).

Bud Light

On the face of things, this appears to be the most obvious choice. The Budweiser rooftop on Waveland has become synonymous with Wrigley, they brand themselves rigorously with the team (on TV, with signage, etc.), and Bud Light is readily available at the ballpark (they are, after all, the Bud Light Bleachers). And let's not forget our guy Harry Caray -- after all, he was *the* Cub Fan and Bud Man.

That said, the obvious Anheuser-Busch connection to St. Louis is a repulsive force. With Busch Stadium being the home of the Cubs' biggest rival, Budweiser, for all its efforts on the north side, is an unbrazen representative of the Cardinals, St. Louis, and all things Joe Buck. And, Harry's greatness aside, did his time in St. Louis inoculate him into liking their beer, even in Chicago?

Thus, the question becomes: is drinking Bud the equivalent of fraternizing with the enemy?

Miller Lite

So the alternative, then, lies with Bud's biggest rival: Miller. While Bud may have the lucrative beverage deal inside Wrigley proper, Miller has countered with their own signage, in right field next to the revered Eamus Catuli numbers, and while it may not be as iconic as the red roof, the slogans are routinely entertaining. (additional examples herehere, and here). Further, the recent decision by MillerCoors to move to Chicago may suggest the brand's future growth in the area, and it may perhaps be embraced by Chicagoans more definitively. And as a side note, Miller Lite was, more or less, the first light beer to be mass produced.

Not to mention: it's blue! Bonus points for that, right?

Ah yes, but in the last decade a new Cubs rival has emerged, and they, in similar fashion to the Cards, are connected with this major beer label. Milwaukee is unquestionably Miller's territory (it's Miller freakin' Park). We may still think of Brewers as a very respectable, friendly rival, but the feeling isn't quite mutual (see the other BCB for some examples, however tepid they may be). 

Not to mention the fact that Miller has built a certain connotation with that other Chicago team

But that said, there was that sign last year that trashed Miller's own team....

So what's your take on this issue? Which do you think tastes better? Which do you make yourself think tastes better for ethical reasons?

EDIT: Additional Disclaimer: We all know there are better tasting beers than these two. Consider this a hypothetical, "desert island" type of choice.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of SB Nation or Al Yellon, managing editor (unless it's a FanPost posted by Al). FanPost opinions are valued expressions of opinion by passionate and knowledgeable baseball fans.

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