Hitters Recap August 3-9

Last week, Alfonso Soriano beat out Reed Johnson with 52% of the MVP vote.  Johnson had 20%.  This week, besides Kosuke Fukudome, all the Cubs' regulars were getting on base well.  Alfonso Soriano's .357 OBP was the lowest and it's hard to blame him for not taking a walk while he was tearing the cover off the ball.  Fukudome, though, had his worst week in the Major Leagues.

K. Fukudome 23 PA, .095/.130/.143, 1 R, 2 RBI, 21 Outs (DP)

A. Soriano 28 PA, .357/.357/.714, 4 R, 9 RBI, 18 Outs

A. Ramirez 25 PA, .238/.360/.381, 3 R, 2 RBI, 18 Outs (2 DP)

M. DeRosa 22 PA, .333/.364/.762, 4 R, 9 RBI, 14 Outs

R. Theriot 23 PA, .300/.391/.300, 3 R, 0 RBI, 14 Outs

J. Edmonds 19 PA, .294/.368/.824, 6 R, 2 RBI, 13 Outs (DP)

D. Lee 23 PA, .350/.435/.400, 4 R, 1 RBI, 13 Outs

G. Soto 19 PA, .357/.474/.429, 4 R, 3 RBI, 10 Outs

D. Ward 7 PA, .000/.143/.000, 0 R, 0 RBI, 6 Outs

R. Johnson 9 PA, .571/.556/1.143, 2 R, 3 RBI, 4 Outs

R. Cedeno 4 PA, .250/.250/.250, 0 R, 0 RBI, 3 Outs

M. Fontenot 5 PA, 400/.400/.400, 0 R, 0 RBI, 3 Outs

H. Blanco 6 PA, .400/.500/.600, 1 R, 1 RBI, 3 Outs

Below is the hit trajectory rate for the starting lineup where GBs = ground balls, FBs = fly balls, LDs = line drives.  Behind each % is the OPS of the player for each hit type.  The league average is 43% GBs .486, 36% FBs .798, 19% LDs 1.721, 2% Bunts .781.  In other words, ground balls are tough to get hits on, fly balls are good and line drives are money.

Soriano 30% GBs .353, 49% FBs 1.182, 21% LDs 1.939

Theriot 56% GBs .554, 19% FBs .327, 21% LDs 1.667, 3% Bunts .800

Lee 44% GBs .465, 35% FBs .887, 21% LDs 1.929

Ramirez 32% GBs .595, 49% FBs .811, 18% LDs 1.769

Edmonds 32% GBs .266, 48% FBs 1.109, 19% LDs 1.692, 1 % Bunts .000

DeRosa 44% GBs .470, 37% FBs .986, 18% LDs 1.873

Fukudome  48% GBs .634, 32% FBs .742, 18% LDs 1.625, 2% Bunts 1.500

Soto 40% GBs .544, 40% FBs 1.034, 21% LDs 1.933

Several things stand out here.  Edmonds, Soriano, and Ramirez do a good job of keeping the ball off the ground.  Interestingly - of those three, Edmonds and Soriano hit very poorly when the ball is on the ground, but not Ramirez.  Both Aramis and Fukudome do surprisingly well off of their ground balls.  But Dome is hitting worse than the league on his fly balls.

The oddest line here is Theriot's with the high GB% and low FB% and low OPS off of his FBs.  What you see with Theriot is that he is living off of his high LD%.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of SB Nation or Al Yellon, managing editor (unless it's a FanPost posted by Al). FanPost opinions are valued expressions of opinion by passionate and knowledgeable baseball fans.

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