Baseball America Cubs Top 10 Prospects

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Baseball Prospectus' List:

Sickels top 20:

MiLB season review:

I don't know who runs GROTA, but they have a list as well: has a Top 20 list, but the only way is to be a member (or google and view cached - if this breaks any rules, feel free to delete).  There were some intriguing nuggets of information in the list.

1. Josh Vitters, 3b
2. Jeff Samardzija, rhp
3. Andrew Cashner, rhp
4. Dae-Eun Rhee, rhp
5. Wellington Castillo, c
6. Kevin Hart, rhp
7. Starlin Castillo, ss/2b
8. Ryan Flaherty, ss
9. Jay Jackson, rhp
10. Hak-Ju Lee, ss
Best Hitter for Average Josh Vitters
Best Power Hitter Josh Vitters
Best Strike-Zone Discipline Sam Fuld
Fastest Baserunner Tony Campana
Best Athlete Brandon Guyer
Best Fastball Jeff Samardzija
Best Curveball Casey Lambert
Best Slider Andrew Cashner
Best Changeup Dae-Eun Rhee
Best Control Esmailin Caridad
Best Defensive Catcher Luis Flores
Best Defensive Infielder Darwin Barney
Best Infield Arm Junior Lake
Best Defensive Outfielder Sam Fuld
Best Outfield Arm Kyler Burke
Catcher Geovanny Soto
First Base Aramis Ramirez
Second Base Ryan Flaherty
Third Base Josh Vitters
Shortstop Starlin Castro
Left Field Alfonso Soriano
Center Field Brandon Guyer
Right Field Tyler Colvin
No. 1 Starter Carlos Zambrano
No. 2 Starter Jeff Samardzija
No. 3 Starter Andrew Cashner
No. 4 Starter Rich Harden
No. 5 Starter Ryan Dempster
Closer Carlos Marmol

Baseball America came out with their list today.  What I like was that this was done by Callis.  In the past, I think they've had Rogers do it before.  For those that don't know, BA is heavily based upon discussions with front office personnel for each team.  So, along with their typical tools oriented slant, this can be somewhat viewed as a snapshot of sorts of how the team's leadership may feel at the moment, along with the writer's opinions mixed in.

I can buy the top 10 list.  No big issues there.  I like the fact that they had Castro (they messed up Starlin's last name) that highly ranked.  I think something's that noticeable and disappointing is that, in terms of best pitches, Lambert and Cashner should both end up as pen arms.

As noted, I find the projected lineup ideas somewhat unnecessary, as the chances of us building a team/filling our holes just from internal options seems slim.  As noted, I find it unlikely Colvin will be our starting OF in 2012.  With Bradley locked in, he won't get RF in 2011 (besides the fact that he lacks a top RF arm.)  If he gets back on track and is good, he'll most likely be a trade asset, IMO, to fill in our holes in 2009 and 2010. 

I don't really buy Harden resigned to a long term deal after 2009, but I guess if the Ricketts (hopefully, or whoever is the new owner) infuse money, maybe.  I tend to think that the Cubs will give Samardzija a rotation look in 2010 at least.  I don't buy Cashner as a rotation option.

Interesting list, though.  And with this, the major organizations/websites (Sickels/BP/BA) that put out Cubs offseason lists are largely done, I think, unless I am missing one.

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