A Postseason To Remember: NLCS Game 3 Preview, Dodgers vs. Phillies, Sunday 10/18, 7:07 CT

Regardless of how this postseason ends up (please, not the Yankees winning, please), we have already had more than our share of exciting, close games, with controversial umpiring calls, clutch hitting by various players, and misplays at the worst possible time.

There's absolutely no doubt that Maicer Izturis made the wrong decision late last night (if you missed it, it was shortly after midnight Chicago time) in trying to turn a double play with Yankees on first and second and one out in the 13th inning. It had been raining for a while, conditions were poor, and the ball was likely wet when Izturis, trying for a throw to 2B, flung the ball in the general direction of short left field, where Chone Figgins picked it up with no chance to get Jerry Hairston Jr., who scored the winning run.

Jerry Hairston. Winning run. In a league championship series game. Yes, the same Jerry Hairston who, as one of Dusty Baker's "horses" in 2006, hit an Aaron-Miles-like .207/.253/.244 in 82 at-bats before being exiled to Texas (for Phil Nevin), where he hit a not-much-better .206/.270/.253 in 88 AB. And now, he's two wins from being in the World Series.

Anyway, had Izturis made the proper choice and thrown to first for an easy out, the Yankees would have had runners on second and third with two out and Jorge Posada at bat -- the game had a chance, at least, to go to the 14th inning. Nevertheless, even with the crushing loss, the Angels will have a shot at evening up the series at home starting tomorrow. Many teams have come back from 0-2 deficits to win a seven-game series.

Meanwhile, if you liked watching baseball with players wearing hats with earflaps and rain pouring down, you'll love tonight's forecast for the Philadelphia area. I'm guessing many people here won't be watching the game tonight, instead tuned to some other game in some other sport on some other channel.

Dodgers at Phillies, 7:07 pm CDT. Series tied 1-1. TV: TBS. Announcers: Chip Caray, Buck Martinez and Ron Darling.

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