OT -- Head to Evanston to Root on Northwestern -- 11/21 v. Wisconsin


Every year, thousands of Northwestern students skip class in the spring or fall, and head down to Wrigley to root on the Cubs.  It's practically a right of passage.

Well, Northwestern needs Cubs fans' help.

On Saturday, November 21 at 2:30 pm, the Cats close out their season in Evanston against the visiting Wisconsin Badgers.  The Cats are currently 7-3 and jostling for better bowl position, while Wisconsin is 8-2 and ranked #16 in the BCS.

Why should you go to this game?

  1. Northwestern wins the right way.  Not to say that Wisconsin doesn't (they're an excellent school and team), but Northwestern is consistently among the top academic sports programs in the nation....last year's BCS National Championship would have been between Northwestern and Boston College if you based rankings on academic progress/graduation rates.  Isn't it nice to root for "student-athletes", where the priority is LITERALLY in that order?
  2. Pat Fitzgerald is AWESOME. Um, yes he's a Sox fan.  But I'm fairly certain that the Cubs are 3-0 in games at which he throws out the first pitch or sings the 7th inning stretch.  Plus he's just an incredibly good, young coach who is so intense, it's shocking he's not tackling people during games.
  3. You owe Northwestern. Like I said, NU students/faculty have long supported the Cubs by taking the ride down to the Addison stop on the El for gamedays.  Northwestern also gave the Cubs Joe Girardi (well, at least Joe played for the Cubs).  Saturday is supposed to be good football weather (temps comfortable in the 50s) and the game means something....don't you owe it to the Cats fans that have supported the Cubs to throw on purple, ride up to Evanston and root for Northwestern for ONE game? Speaking of...
  4. You can get there on the El. That's right -- no need to drive, no need to park. Just take the El (or the Metra) up to Central Street in Evanston, hop off, and your just a few blocks from tailgating and the game.  Oh, tailgating? Yes...
  5. Free Goose Island Beer. That's right....pregame, at EVERY Northwestern game, there is free Goose Island Beer at Wildcat Alley (behind the stadium on the softball field).  There's also tons of stuff for kids to do, concerts by the marching's pretty damn awesome.
  6. You hate the Brewers/Wisconsin/Brett Favre/Cheeseheads.  Okay, so maybe the Wisconsinites also hate Favre now....but I think as Cubs fans we rightfully retain hatred of all of those other things.  Plus, Wisconsin is threatening to do to Northwestern what Cubs fans do to the Brewers -- sell out NU's stadium and outnumber Cats fans (much as Cubs fans always outnumber Brewers fans in Milwaukee).  We will not stand for this aggression, man.

So, the point is -- Come up to Evanston.  Wear some purple.  Root on the Wildcats.  Tickets are still available ( or call 847-491-CATS).


Go Cubs Go, indeed....but also GO CATS!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of SB Nation or Al Yellon, managing editor (unless it's a FanPost posted by Al). FanPost opinions are valued expressions of opinion by passionate and knowledgeable baseball fans.

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