Question: Is trading Soriano that far fetched?; also Diamond, Burrell

Hi, everyone.  A few questions.  Once again, thank you in advance for your wisdom.

I would ask one favor:  instead of putting in a reply such as "already discussed-- move on" or "No, are you crazy?" I'd appreciate a bit more insight.  I don't have the opportunity to read each and every post, so I may not be privvy to prior discussions.  Also, I am clearly not a great baseball mind which is why I am honestly asking these questions in the first place.

Thanks again...

1.  I've been reading your insightful posts and just wanted to ask if trading Soriano is that far fetched.

The Mets are in dire need of an outfielder and are considering signing Jason Bay for 5 years for a bloated contract.  Soriano is a better fielder and slugger than Bay is.  The Mets have the money to spend and are desperate to keep up with the Phillies.

If we ate some of the contract, wouldn't the Mets be a natural trading partner if indeed the Cubs want to trade Soriano?  I don't know if they necessarily WANT to trade him, but if they did, I would think that the Mets would be a fit, especially if we also took a bad contract from them (such as Luis Castillo). 

The Yankees are also going to be in need of an OF if Damon does not sign, and Soriano would likely be a better option than what they have out there (Matsui or Damon).

2.  How is Thomas Diamond looking? Is he playing in any winter leagues?  Last I checked, he was on fire with a microscopic ERA.  Is there consideration to his joining the rotation.

3.  Why are the Cubs so reluctant to trade MB for Burrell?  If anyone is interested in taking on MB, I would think it would be worth it, and the deal the Rays gave was actually quite good (better than anything else out there!).  At least Burrell could be traded for prospects to a team looking for a DH.  Right now, it would seem that we have to cut MB and get nothing in return.

4.  If we do cut MB, and if another team signs him, we don't get draft picks for it as if arbitration were offered, do we?

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