Questions: 1. should we bag the search for CF and look for 2B? 2. Rowand

Hello;  thanks in advance for your input.


1.  My big question is:  should we halt the focus on finding a CF and look instead for a 2B?

I don't think many here believe that Fontenot and/or Baker are going to be the best options at 2B; in addition, neither fulfill the need for a lead off man that the team's offense needs.

Although finding a speedy, lead off CF would be ideal, there doesn't seem to be good option on the FA market.  It would appear that we are somewhat holding off because the options aren't great and we want the prices on the Marlon Byrds and Rick Ankiels to go down.  In addition, as it has been stated before, a combination of Fuld and Johnson may very well turn out to be just as good.

Since there is no ideal option at CF, why not just go with what we have at CF for now and focus on an area where there are good options and where we have a need.  Again, it would be great if we could find an ideal SS on the FA market, but there isn't one that would likely much more productive than our current option.  If this is so, why not focus on 2B since there seems to be a better option there.

Felipe Lopez is a FA; he is young, a good fielder, speedy, and has a great OBP.  He also switch hits.  He would seem to be an ideal candidate for the 2B position.  This would also allow us to trade away Baker who likely is at his peak value given his great stats from last year.  Baker is cost-controlled and I would think would be attractive to some teams with limited payrolls.

There were some people who absolutely hated him (Lopez) last year and who thought he was not a good addition; could you guys please expound as to why?  Again, he would seem to be just what we are looking for.

Another option would be Orlando Hudson who similarly is a good fielder, speedy, and has a decent OBP.

I am sure there is a reason why there is no focus on 2B right now, but I can't see it.  Again, I do realize that CF and SS are more "pressing" needs and that if there were decent FA options for these positions, that it would be appropraite to address those areas first . Given that there are not, why not go with what we have there and sign a better option at 2B, as opposed to signing an inferior option at CF and being stuck with them for a long time?


2.  Would we be better off trading Alfonso Soriano for Aaron Rowand?  It would fill a need for both teams.  We are in need of a CF and we would get the CF we need.  The Giants need a big bat to drive in runs and would get that.

I know there is a difference in cost, but Soriano is more of a difference maker, and we desperately need help in CF with no good FA options.

We might have to also acquire another "bad" contract such as trading Theriot for Renteria to make the $$ work out.

This is probably insane.  Yet it intrigues me.  Trading one bad contract for another, and filling needs for both teams.



Thanks again for your input.  Again, if this is inane, please give me a few words as to why instead of just flaming.  It is fine to flame me, but please help educate me in the process so I can understand.

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