These people should also stop whining

I agree wholeheartedly with this earlier post

Here's another list of people who should stop whining:

Citizens of China- You know you live in an oppressive, communist's been that way since you were born.  Get over yourself, sit back and enjoy the human rights abuses.

Home Owners- You knew when you bought your house that the value could potentially go down (though a Realtor would never tell you that) and now you're losing your home, your credit is messed up, you don't have any more savings and you owe $400k on a $150k house.  Don't just stop whining, STFU. 

Detroitans- Detroitites? Detroiters?  Whatever....stop complaining.  You knew when you moved to Detroit and got a job at one of the Big 3 that it was a failed business model and that Japan was leaner, faster and made better cars.  But you went and took that job, became middle class, got a pension, bought a house and were living the American dream.  Now GM is a going concern, and just fired you.  I got 2 words for you: Boo and Hoo.

Cubs Fans- Oh I'm sorry are you one of the Cubs fans from pre-1908??  You became a fan of the team when they played on the West Side Grounds and you pulled your cart and buggy up the park to watch the game?  Yeah, didn't think so.  In your entire life you've never seen the Cubbies win the Series.  In fact you probably haven't even been alive when the Cubs got beat in a World Series.  STOP WHINING about not winning a World Series.  You knew when you first put on that Cubs cap....when you hung that poster of Ryno on your wall...when you chased balls out on Waveland.....when you drank too much in the bleachers....when you bought that Steve Goodman album....when your wife let Ernie Banks marry you....that the Cubs were losers.  Why do you complain about moves that Lou makes?  Why do you care who the second baseman is?  Why do spend money on beer and peanuts at the park? Why are you a Cubs fan if you are just going to complain about losing?

As a former resident of Wrigleyville and one who lived 5 houses from the left field wall on Kenmore, I expected for there to be noise....I loved the fact, if I had gone to the kitchen to get a beer I would know how fast to get back to the couch from the crowd noise since the TV was about 2 seconds behind the live action.  As long as I live, that place will be my favorite.

I expected noise, I expected loud drunks walking through the neighborhood at 2am, I expected traffic (tons of it).  The problem isn't any of those things.  The problem is things that aren't part of the package.  Graffiti (a problem anywhere in the city frankly), public urination (with the number of bars in the neighborhood and port-a-johns this shouldn't be as big a problem as it is), fights and concerts by crappy faux-Country bands (I had no problem with Buffett, Police or the Piano Men as they were all agreed upon).

Yes I know there is a ballpark at 1060 W Addison, yes I expect noise, traffic etc.  That doesn't mean the Cubs can do whatever they like and I have to take it.  It's a neighborhood and all residents should have a say as to what happens there.  The Cubs are residents as much as I am and if they would like to have concerts they need to ask the other residents just as I would have to ask the neighborhood if I wanted to add an extension on my house or dig up a huge tree in my yard.  It's a give and take relationship and if one party is doing most of the taking then don't act surprised when the other party has something to say about it.


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of SB Nation or Al Yellon, managing editor (unless it's a FanPost posted by Al). FanPost opinions are valued expressions of opinion by passionate and knowledgeable baseball fans.

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