Venting, Ledging, Monday Morning Managing.......

is all a part of "enjoying the ride" too. I realy do not understand why some posters on this site get all bent out of shape at a vent post, or  whatever.

Part of the fun of following a team and knowing about it and the players and the management is to arm chair manage, second guess plays, moves, decisions, trades, etc. Fans do it in all sports. It is not negativity so much as engagement and entertainment, which by the way, is what baseball is, a money making entertainment business.

I second guess myself, my wife, my da@%  kids, my boss, my nieghbor, and I sure as H#&@ will second guess Lou!  Does that mean I am not a fan, I am negative? No, it means I care, I am emotionally invested for some g#% d@#% reason, and that I would like to think I might have an insight or two. And that it is fun and entertaining and an escape from the rest of the crap in life to think and talk about it with other people who likewise care and are interested, etc.

Is ANY of it real? No. We are never going to play professional baseball. We will never own or manage a major league team. No, we will not. But it can be, and is, fun to talk about it like we do, or like our opinion matters, which it does not, or like we may know something, which we probably do not, but it is entertainment and fantasy, that is what baseball for the fan is.

These people become like our friends and family. Why do we call Lou, Lou, like as if we know him, which we do not. Why do we have all these silly "insider pet names" for Cub players, like they are one of our drinking or poker buddies, which obviously they are not. Why?

It is all part of the emotional engagement, the fantasy, the entertainment, baby. None of it is real. But we enjoy it none the less.

Yes, we all could just sit here and write glowing posts about how good our favorite players are, what a great manager Lou is, what a great front office the team has, how wonderful the Cubs are, and how many WS rings will they have in five years, and who wins in a show down with Derek and King Kong.......Derek, etc.

And  if someone does write a post like that, fine, it does not bother me. But if that is all you have here, you will have 7 people following this page. Last one who just wants to suck the cool aid turn off the lights.


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of SB Nation or Al Yellon, managing editor (unless it's a FanPost posted by Al). FanPost opinions are valued expressions of opinion by passionate and knowledgeable baseball fans.

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