Blah, Blah, Blah...Steroids


Good Morning All.  I really hate to do this since we have discussed the steroid issue to death but another commentary was made in the Tribune today

Baseball Still Too Nonchalant about steroids

and frankly I wish the media would get over their righteous indignation.


  1. Steroids should be banned because they are performance enhancing.


Performance Enhancing, what does this mean.  Changes in medicine and surgery have repaired broken players who in the past would no longer be able to be effective playing the game.  In some cases the players come back even stronger than before their surgeries.  Isn’t that performance enhancing?  Changes in training, nutrition, technology have all helped ball players enhance their performances.  We don’t call for an asterisk in the record books based on today’s facilities versus the good old days when players took trains to the games and maybe had a weight set to help them ‘bulk’ up.


Additionally, you can not take these drugs, sit on you’re a$$ and then magically hit a home run or pitch a no hitter.  Taking these drugs in ADDITION to working hard training will enhance your performance.  The drugs will make your body build mass and reduce your recovery time from the workout.  They are not magic pills.  They do not give you magic skills.


  1. Steroids should be banned because they are bad for you.


Are steroids bad for you?  I’m not a doctor but from what I have read yes, there can be serious side effects and long term issues with some of the drugs.  However there are many things that ball players can do that are not good for them that are not banned from baseball; alcohol, tobacco, etc.   What about physical overuse?  Isn’t it bad for a ballplayer to overextend them (think pitch count) or play while they are hurt?  And yet we ask them to ‘man’ up in many situations.  Ballplayers make decisions about their health everyday why should this be different?  Let the ball player make the choice.  And before you say that they do not have a choice because this creates an uneven playing field, let me remind you that they make a choice to go into professional sports.  There are inherent risks in participating in the sport and how they chose to treat their body is one of those risks.



  1. Steroids should be banned because they set a bad moral example for our children.


MLB should not be in the business of legislating morals

What about alcohol?  There is no punishment for drinking alcohol.  Baseball does not ban alcohol from their stadiums in fact it is a large profit center.  Yet it is illegal for minors to be drinking. 

What about tobacco?  There is no punishment for smoking or chewing.  Yet it is illegal for minors to have tobacco.

What about adultery?   What about racism or homophobia?



  1. Steroids are cheating.


Cheating is wrong and should be punished.  Currently, taking these certain steroids as well as other so called performance enhancing drugs is banned by MLB.  

This is cheating just like betting on games, corked bats, spit balls, etc.  I am NOT comparing these forms of cheating.  I am saying that players who violate the rules should be punished and that the punishments should fit the crime.  I don’t think the way the media treats steroid users fit their so called crimes.



  1. All players in the last 20 years are guilty and so is MLB management.


Notice that I said “currently” in the paragraph above.  You can not go back and retroactively punish someone if the rules/consequences were not established.  Also, we need to temper our judgment with the reality of the times.  A little understanding and forgiveness can go a long way.


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of SB Nation or Al Yellon, managing editor (unless it's a FanPost posted by Al). FanPost opinions are valued expressions of opinion by passionate and knowledgeable baseball fans.

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