Thoughts after seeing the team play live for the first time this year

Got the chance to head down from LA to SD to catch the game today.  Great seats (5 rows back, staring directly down the 3rd base line), great weather (warm and sunny... like always), and a good start to the game.

Then it went downhill.  Here's what I noticed:

1.  We give intentional passes at the most inappropriate times.  I said to everyone that would listen to me that the IBB to the batter before Young was a terrible idea.  One out, not a whole lot to gain by giving 1st to a guy who was just claimed off waivers from AZ and was hitting .180.  Young drives in TWO with a solid hit off Lilly, who looked pretty good for most of the game.

Then another IBB late in the game which led to a 3-run shot by Kouzmanoff.  It was far more than predictable; it was embarassing.

2. Speaking of Lilly, he pitched pretty well today, even after giving up 3 in the 5th.  But his fielding is mighty suspect.  The bunt muff, the squeeze bunt glove flip, and even the one to him where he got the runner at third was a bit touch and go on the throw.  It's like he panics, which seems very unlike him.

3.  Geo looks smaller than on TV, but he still looks like he put on a bunch of weight this offseason.  He mashed two balls to center that would have most likely been home runs in Wrigley, but ended up just being two fly outs.

4.  Speaking of fly outs, how many were there this game?  I counted 3 groundouts, a few strikeouts, and the rest were easy fly balls.  Something has to give.

5.  Why the hell was Hoff swinging at a 3-0 pitch at his knees in the early going, before ANYONE had gotten on base?

6.  I was at a SD game two weeks ago, and boy... a 9 game winning streak turns your fans into happy campers versus the weeks before.

7.  WHO PAYS FOR HWSNBN TO COME TO SAN DIEGO AND WOO ALL GAME?!??!  I seriously want to know, so I can yell some sense into them.  He was being mocked all game and didn't seem to realize it.  Man, is he annoying.

8.  Heilmann should not be brought in with runners aboard.  He gives up way too many long fly balls and deep grounders in the infield to be effective in that spot.

9.  The Cubs looked bad, but this San Diego team is a much better team than they were in April.  They are pretty clutch, which is exactly what the Cubs lack right now.  C'mon Aramis, get healthy!

Lastly, here's the shot from my iPhone from my seat.  Such a nice ballpark with great parking.  If you ever have a chance, this is a winner.


Edit:  I forgot to mention - Bobby Scales has developed a little hitch in his swing that I'm sure is hurting him.  Fix it quick, Bobby!


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