OT: The Next Generation: Brewers go on a Tear

So, it's been a while since we last visited the Westdale Brewers. Since we last saw Max and his team, they have gone 5-0. So, on with the recap!

Game Six: Brewers 17, Gold 1.

Game 6 saw the Brewers visit River Grove, to play the River Grove Gold.

Max gets in some batting practice before the game

Max went 1-3 in this game, with an infield hit, two Ks, two walks, and a run scored.

Max played Right field, and swung the bat well. The Brewers batted and fielded well, winning the game in a blowout, 17-1. The slaughter rule was invoked, and the game ended after 4 innings.

Max stands at third, about to be driven in to score.

Late in the game, Max was moved to second base. He threw out one runner, 4-3.

Max at 2nd base

Max ducks to avoid a wild pitch.

the Final score.

Game Seven: Brewers 6, Yankees 4.

The next game, the Brewers played the Yankees, and beat them 6-4. Max's struggles at the plate continued, as he went 0-2, striking out twice.

Max swings

...And misses.

He played right field again.

Game Eight: Brewers 3, Yankees 0.

Game eight saw the Brewers facing the Yankees again. Max played right-field, struck out once, and was HBP and stole a base.

Max steals second base after being hit by a pitch.

Max advanced to third on a single, but was stranded.

Max runs to third base.

The team lines up after winning the game.

Game Nine: Brewers 15, Blue 4.

Game nine saw Max step into two new roles -- relief pitcher, and shortstop, as the Brewers defeated the Northlake Blue 15-4.

Max batted 0-2 with two strikeouts, but he also pitched 2/3 of an inning, with one K, 1 walk, a hit-batsman, two steals, two wild pitches and one earned run.

The team relaxes before the game.

Max started the game in right field, and pitch the first two-thirds of the third inning. He's still struggling at the plate.

Max still having little luck with the bat.

Max threw about 24 pitches. His K came with two balls, and his walk came on a 3-2 pitch. The second out came as the runner was picked off trying to steal third.

Max needs to make sure that his glove doesn't fly out... but pitches fairly well for his first time.

Just as an aside, here's a picture of one of the other relief pitchers that day. He has the WEIRDEST motion I've ever seen. He has no leg kick whatsoever. In fact, he barely picks his front foot up at all.

Max finished the game at shortstop, the first time he's ever played that position in a game. He fielded a grounder that went for an infield hit. This game, like Game Six, ended in the fourth inning due to the slaughter rule.

The team celebrates another win.

So, what's next for Max? There are at least five more games in the season, and he's still looking for his first real hit. We went to the batting cage for over an hour over the holiday weekend, and practicing in the back-yard. Max hopes to have more of an impact in these last games, and maybe even pitch again.

There will be another post of "OT: The Next Generation", so don't miss it!

Max's current stats:

Avg: 0.111
OBP: 0.333
SLG: 0.111
OBP+: 0.444
3 Runs
SB - 3/4
5 walks
11 Ks

ERA: 13.514
1 walk issued
2 SB
1 K
1 HB

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