OT: The Next Generation: BREWERS WIN!


There are two games in one here. One is a lesson of consequenses for actions, the other is an example of how listening can lead you to victory.


Game Three: Vipers 6, Brewers 2.

Game three for the Brewers went very poorly indeed. They were playing the Vipers team that they'd met in the first game of the season. They lost, six to two, and Max went 0-2, with a walk, two stolen bases, and he committed the worst sin in baseball -- making the third out from third base.

The day dawned bright and cool, and as usual, Coach Miguel put his confidence in Max, starting him in right field. The Vipers pitching was very good, sending the Brewers down three-up, three down in the first two innings. Max batted in the third inning, and struck out.

Max waits in right field for something to happen.

Max sat on the bench for the third and fourth innings, and went into Left field for the last two innings.

In the top of the fifth, Max walked with two outs.

Max at first base.

He promptly stole second, and then third, on two consecutive pitches.

Max steals third base.

The next two batters walked.

Max waits at third

On the next batter, there was a wild pitch. Down 5-1 at that point, Max was desperate to make something happen. He tried to steal home, and was called out.

As can clearly be seen, Max is out by a mile at home.

The rally killed, the Vipers went on to beat the Brewers, 6-2.

Coach Miguel talks to Max about his base-running mistakes.

Game Four: Brewers 14, Dodgers 6

The next morning dawned just as bright, but much warmer. This was the game that had been rained out on Opening Day, along with the parade.

The Brewers rode a firetruck in the parade.

Max was the only team member to make a sign. Those are, of course, baseball bats on the left side.

As always, Coach Miguel started Max in Right field. And, as always, although Max continues to maintan his .000 batting average, he walked, scored, had two RBIs, and most importantly, had the first successful bunt of the season. Not his first successful bunt. The first successful bunt for the TEAM.

Max warms up in the outfield.

Today, Coach Miguel mixed the batting order up, so Max was batting eighth. With a runner on, and no outs in the second inning, Max executed an almost perfect bunt. Had it been a bit more to the third base side, he might have been safe, but the runner on first took advantage of a bad throw to score. Technically, that's not an RBI, but I'm going to count it as an RBI anyway. He showed no fear in the batters box, and the run that scored tied the game at 2-2.

Max puts his training to work and lays down a bunt, advancing the runner.

This was the game where the players started listening to the coaches. Because of the rules, no pitcher in this league can go more than two innings. The Dodgers didn't have very good pitching, but bad pitching had not been something the Brewers had been able to take advantage of previous to today. Starting in the top of the fifth, down 4-2, the entire order batted through once, with most batters, including Max, walking, where he forced in a run, getting his second RBI.

Max watches ball four go by, forcing in a run.

With Dodgers' poor pitching, the Brewers showed a lot of patience at the plate, and Max was advanced to second and then third, and then scored a run when he was forced in by the fifth walk of an eight-walk inning. The Brewers scored 13 runs, most on walks, except when three runs scored on a bases loaded single.

Max at first base.

Max at second. Laura was afraid that the umpire would have a heart attack, necessitating CPR. Not because Max was on second, but just that the ump would probably go at any time. Oh, and if you thought MLB umps were bad, they've got NOTHING on these guys.

Max at third. He was very careful to not repeate his mistakes of the past.

Max is forced in by a walk, and scores his first run!

The bottom of the sixth went quickly, with only one Dodger walking and one getting a hit, scoring the first runner. One struck out, and the other two outs were grounders to second and the pitcher, both to first base for the outs.


The Brewers come off the field in the bottom of the sixth, having won their first game!

Coach Miguel gathered his team around him, and congratulated every player on their great play. He specifically pointed out Max's excellent bunt, and asked Coach Drew to teach every other player how to bunt. The Brewers play again tomorrow (yes, that's three games in four days), so hopefully they'll put their newfound patience and ability to advance the runners to good use!

Max's current stat line:

BA: .000
OBP: .428
SLG: .000
RBI: 2
Runs Scored: 2

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