Please stop blaming the WBC for Soto

As you can see, many who played are doing just fine.  The WBC is not why he looks out of shape and overweight.  To blame the WBC for Soto, makes no sense, just by looking at Lilly or Fukudome to begin with.

Seems to me, that some are off to a good start, some are not.  I cannot see how the WBC can be blamed for Soto, based on this.  Using the WBC for Soto alone is not a fair judgment to the WBC or the players who are not slow out the gate this season.

Here are the stats of the USA team in 2009 regular season so far.  Seems many of the top stars are not having a problem so far.  I for one was vastly surprised by Chipper Jones, Evan Longoria, and Kevin Youkilis, they are of to a very good start (is this because of the WBC?).


PITCHERS Team Wins Loses Games ERA
Bell, Heath San Diego Padres 1 0 11 0.00
Broxton, Jonathan Los Angeles Dodgers 3 0 13 0.64
Grabow, John Pittsburgh Pirates 1 0 13 2.84
Guthrie, Jeremy Baltimore Orioles 2 3 7 4.97
Hanrahan, Joel Washington Nationals 0 1 13 6.00
Hawkins, LaTroy Houston Astros 0 0 13 2.84
Howell, J.P. Tampa Bay Rays 0 2 14 3.65
Lilly, Ted Chicago Cubs 4 2 6 3.11
Lindstrom, Matt Florida Marlins 1 1 12 6.55
Oswalt, Roy Houston Astros 0 2 7 4.26
Peavy, Jake San Diego Padres 2 4 7 4.27
Putz, J.J. New York Mets 1 2 15 3.38
Shields, Scot Los Angeles Angels 0 2 13 9.31
Thornton, Matt Chicago White Sox 1 1 12 2.70
Ziegler, Brad Oakland Athletics 0 0 10 3.09
Iannetta, Chris Colorado Rockies 0.194 0.351 6 0.851
McCann, Brian Atlanta Braves 0.295 0.358 2 0.755
DeRosa, Mark Cleveland Indians 0.244 0.304 6 0.751
Jeter, Derek New York Yankees 0.264 0.333 4 0.741
Jones, Chipper Atlanta Braves 0.310 0.408 3 0.911
Longoria, Evan Tampa Bay Rays 0.362 0.411 10 1.152
Roberts, Brian Baltimore Orioles 0.303 0.375 4 0.842
Rollins, Jimmy Philadelphia Phillies 0.211 0.248 1 0.537
Wright, David New York Mets 0.314 0.408 3 0.899
Youkilis, Kevin Boston Red Sox 0.393 0.505 6 1.224
Braun, Ryan Milwaukee Brewers 0.327 0.433 6 0.988
Dunn, Adam Washington Nationals 0.248 0.445 7 1.005
Granderson, Curtis Detroit Tigers 0.252 0.320 9 0.825
Victorino, Shane Philadelphia Phillies 0.304 0.347 4 0.805
Not On USA - But are Cubs BA OBP HR OPS
Soto Chicago Cubs 0.162 0.296 0 0.49
Fukudome Chicago Cubs 0.298 0.434 4 0.95

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of SB Nation or Al Yellon, managing editor (unless it's a FanPost posted by Al). FanPost opinions are valued expressions of opinion by passionate and knowledgeable baseball fans.

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